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Explore the Fun Things to Do in Berlin

Berlin Wall once divided the Berlin city now stands as a symbol of Unity. You can enjoy the murals and painting which tells a story of freedom. 

Explore the Berlin Wall

Brandenburg Gate is one of the famous landmarks in Berlin and you must visit this spot once you are in the city. This beautiful gate once marked the entrance of the city. 

Visit the Brandenburg Gate

You can enjoy a relaxed evening in Tiergrten after a hectic day. You can go for a picnic with your friends, rent a bicycle and explore the park or simply walk around and enjoy the nature.

Explore the Tiergarten

Currywurst is a delicious speciality of Berlin and you must have it once you are in the city. It's a sausage topped with curry ketchup which is usually served with fries and cold drinks.

Enjoy a Currywurst

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