How to Start Freelancing as a Student: Steps, Tricks and More

Ayantika Pattanayak

Besides using money-earning apps for students, you can also try freelancing. Freelancing helps you learn new skills, earn money, and ...

part time jobs in dubai

Top 5 Part-Time Jobs in Dubai For Students

Ayantika Pattanayak

International students in Dubai face unique challenges, such as managing finances besides academic pressure. Fortunately, the city provides a wide ...

part time jobs in birmingham

5 Best Part-time Jobs in Birmingham 2024

Ayantika Pattanayak

Birmingham is a lively city with lots of opportunities for international students. You might need extra money to cover some ...

Budgeting Tips for Students

5 Important Budgeting Tips for Students 

Ayantika Pattanayak

Budgeting is important because it helps you manage your money well as a student. When you make a budget, you ...

Highest Paying Jobs in Australia

Highest Paying Jobs in Australia

Ayantika Pattanayak

Ever thought about working in Australia? It’s a place with beautiful beaches, animals, and fun cities to explore. We will ...

Part-time Jobs in Manchester

Top 5 Part-time Jobs in Manchester for Students

Ayantika Pattanayak

Part-time Jobs in Manchester: Studying abroad is an amazing adventure, but it can also be expensive. Fear not. You might ...

Cost of Living in Edinburgh

Cost of Living in Edinburgh: Comprehensive Guide

Farina Khan

Are you dreaming of studying in Edinburgh, Scotland? Well, you must be worried about the expenses and costs of living ...

Navigating through Part-time Jobs in Toronto for International Students

Team Fly Homes

Struggling as a student to keep up with your finances abroad? Working part-time would be a great option to uplift ...

Student Discount Sites

Savings Time: Check Out the Student Discount Sites

Farina Khan

Are you an international student looking to make the most out of your student budget? Well, you’re in luck! There ...

Student Discounts on Flights

Flying Smart: A Guide to Student Discounts on Flights

Farina Khan

From exploring new cultures to pursuing academic dreams, every step is a dream for international students. The journey as an ...

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