French Culture

French Culture And Traditions: Bienvenue en France!

Farina Khan

As per recent reports, Indian students are choosing France as their study-abroad destination with 10,000 students studying for now. Known ...

uk culture

UK Culture: Know About Tradition, Food, Etiquette and Religion

Ayantika Pattanayak

UK Culture: UK life can be confusing for new students. So, we are here to help you. This blog is ...

Culture Shock in Canada

Biggest Culture Shock in Canada: Stages, Tips

Farina Khan

Are you planning to escalate your career to further heights in Canada but bit concerned about the culture shock in ...

Examples of Culture Shock

Examples of Culture Shock | Culture Shock Examples (2024)

Farina Khan

Are you an international student abroad and feeling a bit concerned by the new surroundings? Don’t worry; it’s perfectly normal ...

Festivals of Spain

Festivals in Spain: Heartwarming and Popular Festivals (2024)

Ayantika Pattanayak

Festivals in Spain: Spain loves a good party, and they have festivals all year round celebrating everything from crazy tomato ...

American Slang Words

American Slang Words: Most Common Slang Words

Farina Khan

Imagine you are studying in America and go out for your first shopping, you ask a shopkeeper about the price ...

Activities for Holi

5 Fun Activities for Holi for International Students

Farina Khan

Holi is celebrated with joy and love in India. But did you know that this colourful festival is celebrated with ...

Fun Facts About Canada

5 Fun Facts About Canada You Should Know

Farina Khan

Are you planning to study in Canada? If so, get ready to study in your dream country filled with breathtaking ...

how to greet in Dubai

How To Greet in Dubai: Know Cultural Etiquette (2024)

Ayantika Pattanayak

How To Greet in Dubai: As well as its modern architecture and international nature, Dubai is home to a beautiful ...

8 Best Women's Day Events To Try in 2024

Best Women’s Day Event Ideas To Make It Extraordinary

Shubhika Garg

Women’s Day is celebrated every year on the 8th of March to honour women’s accomplishments and rights. This day is ...

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