Best Areas to Live in Salford for International Students

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Best Areas to Live in Salford

Best Areas to Live in Salford: Besides providing top-notch education, Salford is a dynamic hub in Greater Manchester that welcomes international students with open arms. But amidst the exciting buzz, choosing the right neighborhood can feel daunting. 

Here in this blog, we will go through some of the best areas to live in Salford for international students, each catering to different tastes and budgets, to help you find your Salford sanctuary. Without further ado let’s get in.

Top 5 Best Areas to Live in Salford

Here are a few of the best places to live in Salford for international students who are studying in Salford and searching for the best places to live. These places offer affordable apartments with great nightlife as well as a safe and secure environment. Check it out. 

Salford Quays

Salford Quays

Imagine waking up to beautiful waterfront views, then strolling to The Lowry Arts Centre or the Imperial War Museum North. Salford Quays is a heaven for those who love culture and who love to socialise. Trendy bars, restaurants, and live music venues like Matinda, Venomo, and Ciza can also be found in this neighbourhood. Here you can find many modern apartments with budget-friendly costs. Salford Quays is perfect for those seeking a lively, culturally rich environment with an amazing nightlife scene.

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Craving a friendly community and affordable living? Look no further than Pendleton. This charming neighbourhood offers Victorian terraces and cosy flats, all within walking distance of Salford University and the City Centre. Here you will find many markets, pubs, and bars like Anaish, Zuuba, and Marcos for yummy treats. The area is safe, secure, and friendly, and is ideal for budget-conscious people seeking a place with easy access to university as well as city life. Here you can also find many cheapest student accommodations in Salford

Broughton Park

Broughton Park

Searching for a peaceful escape with historical charm? Step into Broughton Park. Students can live peacefully here as this is one of the safest areas in Salford with a low crime index. Excellent transport connects you to both Salford University and the City Centre, while spacious accommodations and modern apartments offer a wide range of housing options. This is the perfect place for nature lovers and history buffs seeking a calm and green environment with good transport connections.

Seedley & Langworthy

Seedley & Langworthy

These neighborhoods are the best option for those who want both nature and amazing culture. Here you will find many markets, pubs as well as bookshops. Affordable housing options and a mix of established and independent shops create a unique flavour in this neighbourhood. This area is close to many famous universities like Salford University. So, if you are searching for Budget-conscious living and places rich in community, then Seedley & Langworthy is waiting for you.

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MediaCityUK is home to BBC North and ITV Granada and is full of fashion brands. If you are a fashion enthusiast this is the place for you. Besides amazing stores, you can also find modern apartments and studio spaces that offer sleek living, while trendy bars and restaurants offer amazing food. Easy access to Manchester City Centre via tram makes exploring this amazing city. This is your spot if you seek a modern, tech-focused environment with a wide range of social opportunities and industry connections. This place is near many famous universities like the University of Salford.

FAQs on Best Areas to Live in Salford

What are the best areas to live in Salford?

The best areas to live in Salford include
-Salford Quays
-Broughton Park
-Seedley & Langworthy

Is it good to live in Salford?

Yes, Salford is one of the best places to live.

Is Salford an expensive place to live?

Salford is one of the most affordable places to live in.

Where is Salford Quays located?

Salford Quays is located in Manchester M50 3UB, UK.

What is the crime rate in Salford?

Salford had recorded 123.70 crimes per 1000 people according to the local UK government.

Thank you for reading this blog. This blog is all about the best areas to live in Salford. Hope you liked it. For booking the best accommodation abroad to start your study abroad experience you can contact Fly Homes at 1800572118.

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