Outdoor Adventures in Melbourne: From Ziplining to Skydiving

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outdoor adventures in Melbourne

The Outdoor Adventures in Melbourne: Melbourne is an interesting city to explore new things and a lovely location to call home. You’re in luck if you enjoy travelling and going on outdoor adventures because the city has a wide range of attractions and activities. Discover the thrill-seeker in you with a variety of outdoor activities around the city, such as boating, and Kayak with Fairy Penguins!

Here in this blog, we will be going through some of the outdoor adventures in Melbourne for your help. Without further ado let’s get started.

Kayak with Fairy Penguins

Kayak with Fairy Penguins

Ever dreamed of kayaking with adorable fairy penguins? St. Kilda, Point Nepean, Phillip Island, in Melbourne, makes it a reality. Kayaking is one of the famous outdoor adventures in Melbourne. This unique way to see Melbourne’s landmarks includes guided sessions that provide everything you need, including equipment and instruction. There are many kayaking centres in Melbourne where you can rent a guide. The entry fee for sea kayaking varies depending on location, but you can expect to pay around AUD 100 per person.

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One of the greatest adventurous things to do in Melbourne is ziplining. It’s carried out under the supervision of highly qualified experts and with the highest safety. To relax in the middle of nature, zip line through Melbourne’s lush rainforests. On Sundays, you can go and return in a single day since this adventure takes about three to four hours. You can try zip lining At 360 Phillips Track, Weeaproinah VIC 3250, Australia. Melbourne University students can have an amazing weekend at these places as they are only 1.5 hours away. Adults have to pay approximately AUD 113 for entry.



For those seeking an adrenaline-fueled adventure in Melbourne, skydiving is the ultimate thing. You can feel the rush of freefall for approximately 60 heart-pounding seconds before your parachute gracefully deploys from heights of nearly 15,000 ft. There are many centres in Melbourne for skydiving. You will be given basic training to ensure safety before you take the plunge. The price is around $300, making it an accessible adventure for thrill-seekers. 

Hot Air Balloon Ride

Hot Air Balloon Ride

You will love the hot air balloon ride adventure in Melbourne offering beautiful panoramic views of the cityscape. You can see iconic landmarks such as the Yarra River, Flinders Street Station, and the towering Eureka Tower from above. With various time slots available from 12 pm to 9 pm, adventurers can choose the perfect moment to ascend. Entry fees start at AUD 400 for adults and AUD 300 for children, ensuring an experience worth every penny. In Melbourne, you can find many hot air balloon centres for this adventure. 

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Ice Skating

Ice Skating

One of the most well-liked outdoor adventures in Melbourne is ice skating, which is great for both embracing the winter and escaping the summer. There are many ice skating centres for ice skating, such as IceHQ and the outdoor rink at Federation Square, The Olympic Ice Centre, and the O’Brien Icehouse are good places to enjoy ice skating. The typical cost for an adult is AUD 32.90, while a child under the age of eight costs about AUD 17.90. You can also enjoy nearby restaurants in Australia after ice skating with your friends.


What are the outdoor adventures in Melbourne?

Outdoor adventures in Melbourne include kayaking with fairy penguins, ziplining, skydiving, hot air balloon rides, and ice skating.

Where can I go out with friends in Melbourne?

You can go out with friends in Melbourne to various outdoor adventure locations like St. Kilda, Point Nepean, Phillip Island, rainforests near Melbourne, and ice skating centers such as IceHQ and Federation Square.

Are trams free in Melbourne?

Trams are not free in Melbourne. You need to pay for tram rides using a myki card.

Where can I try the Hot Air Balloon Ride?

You can try the Hot Air Balloon Ride in Melbourne at various locations such as over the Yarra River, Flinders Street Station, and Eureka Tower.

What are the fees for kayaking in Melbourne?

The fees for kayaking in Melbourne vary depending on the location, but you can expect to pay around AUD 100 per person.

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