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Prachi has 1.5 yrs of experience in Content & Copywriting. Her skills entail SEO, researching, brainstorming marketing campaigns, suggesting content ideas, graphic designing, Keyword research, understanding user intent etc. She thrives on a work culture that helps her unlearn redundant ways of thinking. Besides this, she always has her binoculars on looking for good books and music recommendations, cocktails and world history.

Prachi Gupta

Student Accommodations Close to King's College London

Top 5 Student Accommodations Close to King’s College London

Prachi Gupta

Finding the perfect accommodation that suits your budget and requirements is an ordeal that every international student goes through. One ...


10 Best Things to do in Washington DC

Prachi Gupta

Washington DC is the capital of the United States of America and is most popular among people who love going ...

Best Travel SIM Card Canada

Best Travel SIM Card Canada: Know the Details Here  

Prachi Gupta

Planning to travel to Canada and looking for ways to stay connected with your loved ones? Instead of wasting money ...

Cooking Classes in Melbourne 

5 Best Cooking Classes in Melbourne 

Prachi Gupta

Cooking Classes in Melbourne: Cafe-hopping and exploring new restaurants with your friends is always exciting. Especially in a place like ...

Shopping Places in Brighton

5 Best Shopping Places in Brighton for Students

Prachi Gupta

“I don’t like going shopping,” said no one. To give a treat to the shopaholic inside you, in this blog ...

Requirements for Travelling to Australia

Knowing the Essentials: Requirements for Travelling to Australia

Prachi Gupta

Requirements for Travelling to Australia: Known for its beautiful beaches, warm weather and exotic wildlife, Australia is a country which ...

New Zealand Culture

A Comprehensive Guide on New Zealand Culture for International Students

Prachi Gupta

New Zealand is known for its distinct and varied culture in addition to its stunning scenery and energetic cities. Tucked ...

Cafes in Canada

5 Amazing Cafes in Canada for Students to Explore

Prachi Gupta

The exquisite essence of coffee has always helped to bond over, chat and refuel their energy levels therefore, it goes ...

Sydney Travel Guide

Sydney Travel Guide: Everything You Need to Know

Prachi Gupta

Sydney is well-known for its beaches and amazing restaurants and bars. Being the most populous city in Australia, there are ...

Nature Home Decor

Nature Home Decor Ideas for Your Dorm Room 

Prachi Gupta

After a long hard day at the university, every student wants to come back to their room which offers a ...

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