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Best Travel SIM Card Canada

Planning to travel to Canada and looking for ways to stay connected with your loved ones? Instead of wasting money on high roaming charges, you can buy an e-SIM card or a prepaid SMI card for travelling to Canada. It is generally advisable that one should order a travel SIM card or an e-SIM card on the internet before travelling to Canada as turns out to be a cheaper option as compared to paying the roaming charges.

So, if you are an international student planning to study in Canada and are looking for some of the best travel SIM cards for Canada then look no further. In this blog, we have covered some of the great recommendations. Keep reading further to know more! 

Why Purchase a SIM Card for Canada? 

SIM card for Canada 

A local SIM card is the most affordable way to stay connected with your friends and family. It is also considered to be reliable and provides the fastest data speed connection. Although many hotels, malls, bars and restaurants in Canada provide free public WiFi, it is generally advisable to still buy a SIM card. Having a good data connection at all times can turn out to be quite handy which makes travelling even more convenient. Canada is a huge country and staying connected to the internet is extremely important as it allows you to access Google Maps, Uber, finding nearby restaurants, etc. 

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Which SIM Card to buy for Canada? 

For visiting Canada you should consider buying a Telus Mobility SIM card which provides the best 4G/5G network coverage in Canada. Also, the best prepaid SIM card data plan while living or travelling from student accommodation in Canada is where you get 20 GB of data for CAD 70. Since buying a prepaid SIM card in Canada is expensive, you should consider buying a SIM card online before coming to Canada. 

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Which are the Best E-SIM Cards for Canada? 

SIM card for Canada 

Using an E-SIM card is the easiest way to stay connected in Canada. With an E-SIM you don’t need to swap physical SIM cards or visit a physical store. You just need to order it online after which you will receive a QR code. After following the steps you will be online in less than 2 minutes. Choosing an E-SIM card over a physical one offers greater convenience and value. Coming to the best E-SIM cards for Canada, there are two great options – Airalo and SimOPtions. for

Where to Purchase SIM Card for Canada?

If you are planning to buy a SIM card for Canada, there are various ways to purchase it.

  • One of the most convenient ways to purchase a SIM card is to buy it from a Canadian airport on arrival. But, before planning to buy a SIM card from the airport, mind that you will not be getting any good deals here. 
  • Another place to purchase a SIM card is phone stores in the city center. Either you may head to any of the nearest malls in the city center or search for the nearby official retail store of mobile internet.
  • Purchasing a SIM card online is one of the most convenient and preferable choices with various operators including  SimOptions, Nomad or Airalo.

TIP: When buying a Canada prepaid sim card bring your passport! You need it to register your prepaid SIM card.

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FAQs on Best Travel SIM Card Canada

What is the best SIM card for visitors to Canada?

Telus Mobility has the best 4G/5G network coverage in Canada. Especially if you are visiting West Canada, it is advised to buy a Telus SIM. 

Which SIM card is best in Canada for international students?

International students are advised to buy a Fido SIM card through Abroad Cube while they are still in India. The monthly cost of this SIM is CAD 40 and it comes with unlimited Canada-wide calling, text messages, etc. 

Which SIM has the cheapest plan in Canada?

Public Mobile offers affordable prepaid plans in Canada, with some of the plans starting at just CAD 15 per month. 

Should I take my Indian SIM to Canada?

Since international roaming charges can prove to be costly with your Indian mobile carrier, a local SIM card can offer you affordable local rates in Canada. 

How much does 1 GB of data cost in Canada?

According to the findings of a survey, Canadians pay an average of CAD 12.55 for 1 GB of data. 

Where to Purchase SIM Card for Canada?

You may purchase SIM cards for Canada from various places including Canadian airports, retail stores in the city center, or stores in shopping malls. The best way to purchase a SIM card for Canada is to purchase it online.

We hope you liked this blog where we covered information about the best travel SIM card in Canada.  For booking the best student accommodation abroad to start your study abroad experience you can contact Fly Homes at 1800572118. 

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