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Cafes in UK

Coffee shops are the go-to places for students where they get the energy kick and also unwind with their friends. However, finding the right coffee shop is always a struggle especially when you are an international student and are not much aware of the best coffee shops. So, if you are an international student in the UK then this blog will help you greatly as here we have covered some of the best coffee shops in the UK. 

Fuel Your Energy Levels at the Coffee Shops in the UK

When it comes to coffee, cafes in the UK will never disappoint. From taste to ambience, everything is conducive, especially to the student lifestyle. Apart from getting an energy kick here, you can even go to this place to build your network in the UK. Mentioned below are some of the amazing recommendations for coffee shops in the UK that are worth checking out. 

Full Court Press (FCP), Bristol

Full Court Press (FCP) - Bristol 

Full Court Press is known for offering speciality coffee and is highly regarded for its welcoming, honest and informative services. They like to be honest and transparent about the drinks they serve and how they serve them. Impressively, every cup served at FCP offers unique flavours that not only showcase the terroir but also depict how every stage in the production chain from picking to brewing affects the drink. 

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Ozone – Shoreditch, London

Ozone - Shoreditch, London

Started around 20 years ago, Ozone is an international specialty coffee company. If you live nearby in one of the best housing for students in United Kingdom then you will know that they define their purpose as bringing change in the way coffee is valued and produced to ensure sustainability. Ozone for many years has been focussing on cultivating long-term relationships with coffee communities at the origin to ensure a strong support to the producers. They have multiple shops across the United Kingdom and New Zealand, all focusing on sustainable dining. 

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North Star, Leeds

North Star - Leeds

The vision of North Star is focused on the future free from the volatility of the commodity market and resilient from the impacts of climate change. The idea of this coffee shop originated whilst the founders started conversing with small-scale coffee producers about their experiences of Fairtrade. This was a very life-changing and inspiring experience for them.  With all of this, they came to know about the deep-seated issues in the global supply chain and that the industry doesn’t work in the favour of the people it serves and relies upon. 

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Watch House, London

Watch House - London

Initially started in a former 19th-century watch house on London’s famous Bermondsey Street, Watch House displays the commitment to modern coffee. Great coffee, well-thought-out settings, fine cuisine, and, above all, the greatest people are all part of Modern Coffee’s all-encompassing strategy to make your local cafe experience unforgettable. The services here capture the commitment of this cafe to provide their customers with the same level of innovation and quality both in-person and online.

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Faculty, Birmingham

Faculty - Birmingham

Faculty, housed in the iconic Piccadilly Arcade, offers a selection of food and beverages prepared in-house from their own bakery, which may be consumed on-site or taken out. Faculty is a little, privately run coffee and tea store in Birmingham’s downtown that focuses on quality. Their goal has always been to provide outstanding drinks with a welcoming atmosphere.

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Algerian Coffee Stores, London

Algerian Coffee Stores, London

Algerian Coffee Stores is one of the best coffee shops in the UK and it is located in London. If you are a coffee lover, then this must be the top thing to do in London. This coffee shop was started in 1887 and is known for its authenticity. They sell a wide range of hand blends which will swoon your heart in just a sip. Not just this, you can also find a unique selection of coffee from all over the world at this place. Make sure to visit Algerian Coffee Stores when you are in the city. 

How to Reach

Rosslyn, London

Rosslyn, London

Source: Official Website of Rosslyn

Rosslyn is another famous coffee shop in the UK which is known for its globally sourced seasonal beans. This shop was opened in 2018 but gained its popularity very soon. They use different varieties of coffee beans for different types of coffee. For example, the coffee beans used in a latte are very different from that used in an espresso. This place is a must-visit for students who love coffee. A sip of it can boost your energy instantly and keep you going for the day.

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Which country has the best cafes?

Australia, U.S.A. and Turkey have some of the best cafes in the world. 

Which is the biggest café brand in the world?

Starbucks is the largest cafe chain in the world. 

Which country consumes the most coffee?

Finland consumes a large amount of coffee as compared to the rest of the world. 

Which country drinks the least coffee?

Pakistan and Nepal consume the least amount of coffee as compared to other countries. 

Which country has the most coffee shops per capita?

Albania is said to have the most coffee shops per capita in the world. 

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