Weird Laws in US: These Will Leave You Amazed!

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Weirdest Laws in the US

The United States of America is one of the most preferred international destinations for pursuing higher education. You would be amazed to know that some weird and strange laws still exist in this country! These laws sure must have made more sense when they were made but now seem completely weird and out of fashion.

Let’s learn about a few such laws! You can also surprise your friends by telling them about these laws and finding out if they know about them or not!

It’s Illegal to Drive Blindfolded in Alabama

driving blindfolded in Alabama

We all know that we must keep our eyes on the road while driving. It may sound weird to have a law like this but Alabama in the US has one.

In Alabama, it’s illegal to drive blindfolded even though it’s common knowledge that people will not do such a thing! If you have friends or relatives in Alabama, ask them if they were aware of this law.

You Can’t Put an Animal in the Back of an Open Vehicle in Alaska

Weird law in Alaska, US

Have you ever seen a dog enjoying a car ride with his pet parent? Well, you would be sad to know that putting an animal in the back of an open vehicle is illegal in Alaska.

This is another one of the weirdest laws that you might have heard from your flat mates in student accommodation USA. It is believed that the law was put into effect after one pup was reported as a public nuisance!

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You Can’t Honk Your Horn Near a Sandwich Shop After 9 PM in Arkansas

Law about not honking

Well, let’s be honest nobody would want to listen to a loud noise whilst they are enjoying their favourite sandwich. We all know that there are a lot of traffic laws about honking. However, there is one particular in Arkansas.

You are not allowed to honk your horn near a sandwich shop after 9 PM. So, next time you are in Arkansas, keep this law in mind as you would not want to disturb any sandwich lover like Joey Tribbiani.

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You Can’t Sell Dog Hair in Delaware

Selling Dog Hair is Illegal in Delaware

You would be amazed to know that state residents of Delaware are barred from selling the hair of a dog or cat. It is not unusual for pet owners to find a lot of hair on the sofa and elsewhere in the house. However, you can’t sell that if you live in Delaware.

Isn’t it funny that there is a law on it? Nobody knows what’s the origin of this law, but yes, this law still exists in Delaware!

Living on a Boat For More Than 30 Days is Illegal in Georgia

Weird laws in Georgia, US

Were you planning to retire on a boat? Well, you are officially not allowed to do that if you are living in Georgia.  According to state law, it is prohibited to live on a boat for more than a month. We don’t know why this law was made.

Perhaps, it was implemented to ensure the safety of people and protect them from any mishap or getting lost in the waters. Anyway, this is another one of the weirdest laws in the US. 

FAQs on Weirdest Laws in the US

What strange laws still exist in the US?

Some of the strange laws that still exist in the US include not honking after 9 PM near a sandwich shop in Arkansas and not putting an animal in the back of an open vehicle in Alaska.

What is the weirdest law in Texas?

In Texas, it is illegal to milk another person’s cow. The current Texas law makes the act a theft of personal property.

Which country has the weirdest laws?

It is difficult to say which country has the weirdest laws as many unusual laws still exist in different countries. However, some countries have weird laws including Canada, the US, Turkey, etc.

Which states in the US have weird laws?

A few states having weird laws in the US include Florida, Texas, Alaska, etc.

Which is a weird law in Alaska?

A weird law in Alaska includes not putting an animal in the back seat of an open vehicle.

What are some of the Weirdest Laws in the US?

Some weird US laws include: in Alabama, it is illegal to drive blindfolded in Alabama, you can’t wear fake mustaches in church; in Oregon, you cannot live in a boat for more than 30 days in Georgia.

This blog was all about the weirdest laws in the US. Tell us in the comments section which law did you find the most interesting!

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