Museums in the UK that You Shouldn’t Miss (2024)

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Museums in the UK

UK’s schools and colleges are not the only things that make it famous. Its museums are also very well known. Imagine exciting museums in the UK with cool things from way back like dinosaurs, sparkling gems, and more. It’s a whole adventure waiting for you. So, take a break from books and explore the amazing museums in the UK. Read more to find out the best museums in the UK that are definitely worth visiting

1. Natural History Museum

Natural History Museum

The Natural History Museum is a historical place filled with exciting things about nature. You can see thousands of dinosaur skeletons, sparkling gems, fossils, and a giant blue whale! It’s like a big adventure for everyone who loves animals and the Earth. The Natural History Museum is the place for dino lovers. If you are a student and love history then this is one of the best places to be. After exploring, you can have a snack at the museum’s cafe. You can find amazing dinner options in the area like Pizza Express and Brew Burgers.

Check Out the Restaurants and Pubs nearby

Restaurants and PubsGoogle Ratings
La Planque4.3/5
Brasserie Les Mordus4.2/5

How to Reach

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2. International Slavery Museum

International Slavery Museum

This museum teaches us about the history of slavery. It shares stories about brave people who fought for freedom. You’ll see many arts and learn about important events that changed the world. This museum is located in Liverpool, UK and only 3 hours from Oxford University making it an amazing destination for students who are studying at the university. You can also visit nearby places like Wreckfish for a nice meal or The Baltic Social for a friendly atmosphere. This is also one of the best solo travel destinations in the UK.

Check Out the Restaurants and Pubs nearby

Restaurants and PubsGoogle Ratings
Pub St-Alexandre4.1/5
The Coopers Tavern4.5/5

How to Reach

3. The National Railway Museum

The National Railway Museum

The National Railway Museum is all about trains. You’ll see old steam engines, learn how they work, and maybe even hop aboard a real train. It’s a paradise for train lovers. You can also find a bullet train there. In the evening try some drinks in The Royal Oak for an amazing experience. If you are a book lover you might love visiting the amazing bookshops in the UK near this museum. This museum is one of the most famous museums in the UK for students.

Check Out the Restaurants and Pubs nearby

Restaurants and PubsGoogle Ratings
Restaurant Antipasto4.5/5
Toppers Pizza3.9/5

How to Reach

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4. Coffin Works Museum

Coffin Works Museum

This Coffin Works Museum is a bit different. It’s about the history of making coffins. It sounds spooky, but it’s actually quite interesting. You’ll discover how people used to make final resting places. You will find coffins of Winston Churchill, the Queen Mother, and more. After your visit, check out The Rectory for a nice meal or The Wolf for a relaxing drink. This museum is near to rail station and bus stop making it an easily accessible museum in the UK.

Check Out the Restaurants and Pubs nearby

Restaurants and Pubs Google Ratings
Lounge Jackalope4.2/5
La Maison du Brasseur – Pub & Boutique de Brassage4.8/5

How to Reach


What are the famous museums in the UK?

The famous museums in the UK include the Coffin Works Museum, The National Railway Museum, the International Slavery Museum, and more.

Are these museums suitable for solo travellers?

Yes, several mentioned museums, such as the International Slavery Museum, are great solo travel destinations in the UK, providing beautiful experiences for individual visitors.

What are the most famous museums in the UK for students?

The National Railway Museum is one of the most famous museums for students who are interested in railways.

How accessible is Coffin Works Museum by public transportation?

Coffin Works Museum is conveniently located near a rail station and a bus stop, ensuring easy accessibility for visitors using public transportation in the UK.

Can I find dining options within the Natural History Museum?

Yes, the Natural History Museum has a cafe where you can grab a snack. Also, there are nearby restaurants like Pizza Express and Brew Burgers for a more extensive dining experience.

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