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Theatres in New Zealand

New Zealand is an ideal place for overseas education with a plethora of options to offer. If you are studying in New Zealand and bored with your academic schedule, this blog will be a great help for you. In this blog, we will identify 5 best movie theatres in New Zealand. So, keep reading further and be ready to escape from your monotonous schedule with your friends.

Embassy Theatre – Wellington

Theatres in New Zealand

Embassy Theatre in New Zealand

Embassy Theatre is one of the oldest historical theatres in New Zealand. It was opened to the public in the year 1924. If you are a movie lover and studying at Victoria University of Wellington or any nearby university in New Zealand, you can head straight to the embassy theatre. The theatre is standing tall at the Wellington after so many modulations and reconstructions to the building. For details like seat occupancy, show timings, etc., don’t miss to check the official website of the theatre.

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Alice Cinematique – Christchurch

Alice Cinematique in New Zealand

Alice Cinematique is a beautiful theatre located in the old Post Office building on Tuam Street, Christchurch. The theatre was opened to the public in the year 1985 with the motive of bringing films to the silver screens from across the globe. All the rare and incredible films were also screened in this theatre and emerged as a preferable choice for the students as well as for the young professionals. If you are studying at Canterbury Christ Church University or other two universities located in the proximity of the theatre, you should visit this theatre at least once. The best part of the theatre is the cute library boasting a wide collection of foreign films, documentaries, cult, and arthouse titles. You are going to love this place for sure!

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Soul Quarter

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Basement Cinema – Rotorua

Basement Cinema in New Zealand

If you’re keen for an evening climbing and then catching a movie: Basement Cinema is the place to be! It is one of the best places to visit in New Zealand with a weird combination of sports and culture in a basement. Indeed, New Zealand is not just about solo travel destinations or outdoor adventures. If you want to escape for a day from your monotonous academic schedule, this is an ideal place for you. They generally call themselves Rotorua’s answer to alternative cinema. This theatre presents a varied program, including material from Europe, Africa, and Samoa – which is great! 

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The Gecko – Motueka

The Gecko Theatre in New Zealand

With its central location in a town named Motueka, The Gecko is one of the smallest theatres among the 7000 people of the town. The boutique theatre with two rooms and 35 people in total is a centre of attraction due to its cosy environment and homely atmosphere. Don’t miss to have a cup of coffee on the tiny table centrally placed in this theatre. Try to visit the theatre at least once, for a homely feeling.

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The Mayfair Theatre – Kaikoura

The Mayfair Theatre in New Zealand

In the little village of Kaikoura, the Mayfair is a cute theatre sitting beside water and owning the pink color proudly! The community-owned and run theatre is one of the cutest and magical place serving people since 1934. The theatre started with a small cinema and got 3D projector in 2013. Don’t miss to enjoy this charming place while travelling along the South Island. 

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Which is the oldest theatre in New Zealand?

The Albert Theatre is the oldest one serving people since 1841. Wellington’s Royal Victoria opened in 1843 is another purpose-built theatre in New Zealand.

Is there any historical theatre in New Zealand?

Indeed, there are several historical theatres in New Zealand. The best of them include the Embassy Theatre in Wellington and Isaac Theatre Royal in Christ Church.

How can I witness iconic premiers of movies in New Zealand?

If you are interested in witnessing the iconic premiers of movies in New Zealand, be sure to visit the official website. They keep on updating the events on a regular basis.

Are there any specific theatres for indigenous movie screenings in New Zealand?

Yes, there are several theatres in New Zealand that are specialised for representing Maori culture and indigenous movies.

Is there any specific film festival related to the Maori culture?

Indeed, there is a Maoriland film festival held each year generally in March. Be sure to check the official website for regular updates related to the festival.

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