Best Broadway Shows in New York (2024) 

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Best Broadway Shows in New York

Best Broadway Shows in New York: When it comes to experiencing world-class theatre, the only place that pops into mind is New York City. The famous Broadway Shows in New York are a mix of long-established blockbusters and exciting new productions, all of which redefined what it means to experience art. To help you pick the best Broadway show in New York and dive deep into the beauty of art, we have discussed in detail some of the great options that you can consider. Keep reading further to know more! 

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child 

One of the interesting facts about New York is the fact that no place in the world has been able to match the richness of theatrical experience it offers. If you want to experience the beauty of theatrical art in NYC, then you definitely need to watch ‘Harry Potter and The Cursed Child’. The popularity of the Harry Potter franchise is a well-known fact among everybody due to which when the two-part play – ‘The Cursed Child’ first premiered in London’s West End in 2016, it instantly became a success. The play received critics’ appreciation for the stage effects that helped infuse the elements of bewilderment and magic at Hogwarts. The sequel allowed the fans to see how the children of Hermione, Ron and Harry dealt with the dark forces that were still lurking at the Hogwarts. Impressively, this play has even gone on to win the Tony Awards and is the highest weekly-grossing play in the entire history of Broadway. 

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Wicked: 20 Years Defying Gravity in New York 

We were all filled with jubilation when in The Wizard of Oz,  Wicked Witch of the West was reduced to nothing, but we never thought about the idea that what if she wasn’t that bad? This is the very idea that dictates the musical – ‘Wicked: 20 Years Defying Gravity in New York’. This entertaining musical showcases Glinda the Good and Elphaba as college students who discover the darkness lurking beneath the Emerald City.If you live in a nearby Student accommodation in New York, then you must see this. A heartwarming story and amazing side effects make this musical one of the popular Broadway shows. It has even gone on to win the Tony Award and in 2016 broke all the records as it became the fastest show to earn USD 1 billion in Broadway history.

The Lion King 

Regarded as Disney’s pride in Broadway, The Lion King offers an amazing theatrical experience that exceeded everybody’s expectations when it came to stage effects and craft. The journey of Simba from being outcasted to becoming the King of the Pridelands is showcased in a vibrant style with the help of incredible music and puppet work. This musical will capture your imagination like nothing else irrespective of your age. From its beginning in 1997, this musical has made over USD 1.8 billion and has attracted visitors from all over the world. The Lion King has gone on to garner the reputation of being a landmark production and has become synonymous with the bright lights of New York Theatre. 

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In 2015 when Lin Manuel Miranda’s musical ‘Hamilton’ was first premiered, it immediately became a sensation. The musical was part sung, part rapped and the role of the historical fathers were played by actors of colour. This musical proved to be a game-changing show that created history and brought freshness to the musical theatre. Impressively, in 2016 it managed to secure 16 Tony Award nominations and won 11 of them which entailed Best Musical award too. It also won the Pulitzer Prize in the Drama category. Hamilton has successfully created a cultural impact and has managed to create hype that no musical in the last decade has been able to create. 


Hadestown is Broadway’s most unique show as it takes the viewers on the railroad track to the underworld. With a vibrant and folk-inspired score, Hadestown indulges in epic myth retelling. The setting in this musical involves an industrious town where work is hard and the wages are low. The show is based on the tragic tale of lovers Orpheus and Eurydice and their worlds colliding with Hades and Persephone. This musical which involves the work of singer-songwriter Anaïs Mitchell went on to win 8 Tony Awards in addition to a Grammy award for Best Musical Theatre album.  

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What is the top Broadway show of all time?

The Lion King is the top Broadway show of all time with gross earnings of around USD 1.8 billion. 

Who is the highest-paid person on Broadway?

Richard Chamberlain is the highest-paid performer on Broadway, who is playing Captain von Trapp in ‘The Sound of Music.” 

Who owns most of Broadway?

The Shubert Organisation is the largest theatre owner on Broadway and is America’s oldest professional theatre company. 

Is Broadway only in NYC?

Broadway in New York City is equivalent to the West End in London. Both of these places are known for the greatest theatrical performances. 

What is London’s Broadway called?

West End Theatre is the mainstream professional theatre near the West End of London. 

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