Some Interesting Facts About Melbourne That You Might Not Know 

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Interesting Facts About Melbourne

Did you know that during the Golden Rush, Melbourne became the richest city in the world? Most people are just familiar with the historical significance of Melbourne and are unaware of the facts which make this city quite fascinating. If you are an international student planning to study in Melbourne, then this blog will feed your curiosity as in the sections below we have covered some interesting facts about Melbourne. Keep reading further to know more!  

1. The Black Box (for Planes) Was Invented in Melbourne 

interesting facts about melbourne

French worked on Black Box since WWII but it was actually an Australian who invented the Black Box flight recorder. The man behind Balck Box was David Warren who invented it in Melbourne in 1953. In 1934, his dad died in a plane crash which became the motivating factor behind David’s revolutionary invention. 

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2. The Tram System in Melbourne is the Largest in the World 

interesting facts about melbourne

Melbourne is home to the largest tram system in the world as there are around 250 km of track. In addition to this feat, it is important to note that soon the trams in Melbourne will be solar-powered. The interesting thing about this is that such feats are usually achieved by European cities. For instance, Paris and London are home to the oldest and largest underground systems in the world. 

3. Melbourne was the First Place in Australia Where Traffic Lights Were Installed 

interesting facts about melbourne

In 1928, Melbourne became the first place in Australia where traffic lights started being operated. During this time a manual version was tried in which police on the footpath were responsible for the signal changeover. It was only on 13 October 1933, that automatic traffic lights were installed on the corners of Kent and Markets Street in Sydney, NSW. This trial in Sydney was called “ “electro-matic vehicle actuated controller”, and was deemed as a great success. 

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4. There are Two Kinds of Architecture in Australia – Art Deco and Gold Rush 

Art Deco and Gold Rush

There are primarily two types of architecture you will come across in Melbourne – Gold Rush and Art Deco. You will often find them next to each other as they perfectly cohabitate. For instance, the Manchester Unit Building is a great example of Art Deco architectural style in Melbourne which is located in front of Melbourne Town Hall which is based on the Gold Rush architectural style. 

5. The Lady’s Public Toilets were Built to Show off Melbourne’s Wealth

Lady's Public Toilets

Melbourne emerged as the richest city in the world during the Gold Rush and intended to show that off by building public toilets for ladies. You might be wondering what is showing off in building ladies’ toilets. Well, during that time since ladies were not allowed to stay out for long, therefore, every city in the world considered the idea of women’s toilets to be useless. By building public toilets for women, Melbourne tried to showcase the fact that they had enough amount of money to build something that was barely used. 

6. Until 1966, the Pubs in Melbourne had to Close by 6 pm 

Pubs in Melbourne

Starting in 1915, a curfew was imposed on pubs and bars in Melbourne. Due to this fact, pubs and bars were supposed to close by 6 pm. This curfew started during the First World War and lasted until 1966. This was the very reason behind the origination of the expression “Six o’clock swill”. Australians use this phrase to buy drinks before closure. Although, now pubs close way later, the saying still remains the same. 

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What do people love about Melbourne?

There are many reasons which make Melbourne one of the best places to live in. Some of these reasons are – a great lifestyle, friendly people and endless business opportunities. 

What food is Melbourne famous for?

Some of the famous food items in Melbourne are – Salt and pepper calamari, Fairy bread, Chicken Parma, Anzac biscuits, Dim sim, Pigs in a blanket, Spag bol and Vegemite. 

What is special about Melbourne?

Melbourne holds the reputation of being the most liveable city in the world. It is also called ‘the sporting capital of the world’. Besides all of this, Melbourne is also popular for its cultural diversity and bayside location, graffitied laneways and excellent coffee. 

What is the crime rate in Melbourne?

Melbourne’s crime rate is worse than the national average of Australia. 

What are interesting facts about Australia?

Mentioned below are some of the interesting facts about Australia are – 
– Kangaroos only exist in Australia. 
– Australia is a continent and a country. 
– The Great Barrier Reef in Australia is the biggest reef system in the world. 
– Indigenous Australians have lived on the continent for over 65,000 years

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