5 Best Areas to Live in Vancouver

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Best Areas to Live in Vancouver

Best Areas to Live in Vancouver: When it comes to some of the best places to live in the world, Vancouver is often placed at the top of the list. Vancouver is regarded as a laidback coastal Canadian city and is known for its rich art, culture, music, theatre, and great culinary scene. While living in Vancouver anybody is bound to get inspired by some of the things that the people of Vancouver value a lot – leisure, well-being, health and quality of life. 

If you are an international student planning to stay in Vancouver then you have definitely made the right choice as it will influence your life in a very positive way. To help you in your endeavours, we have listed below some of the best areas to live in Vancouver. 

The West End 

The West End is one of the best neighbourhoods in Vancouver, especially for young professionals. With its laid-back charm and great location, this place offers a lot of convenience and comfort to match the needs of people. Individuals who commute to work downtown, usually prefer staying in the West End due to the availability of a great public transportation network and its proximity. 

The area of The West End neighbourhood starts on the western side of the downtown Vancouver peninsula and covers the area from South of Georgia Street to Burrard Street. When it comes to housing options, you will come across many options – high-rise condos and apartments, heritage houses and art deco apartment buildings. 

Distance from Places of Interest 

Place ETA 
Cardero’s Restaurant 4-minute drive 
St. Paul’s Hospital 6-minute drive 
WB Cornwall Ave at Trafalgar St Bus Stop 11-minute drive 

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The downtown area of Vancouver is one of the most vibrant and popular neighbourhoods. Living here means you will get an opportunity to explore some of the best shopping malls in Vancouver, Vancouver Public Library, West Georgia Street, the Vancouver Art Gallery, and many other popular attractions in Vancouver. Though this place can turn out to be a  little expensive, the closer you get to the core of downtown, the higher the rate of the property will get. Having said this, paying more also means that you will get to live within a high-rise residential unit. 

Distance from Places of Interest 

Place ETA 
Pourhouse Restaurant 3-minute drive 
St Paul’s Hospital 8-minute drive 
EB Pacific St @ Jervis St Bus Stop 10-minute drive 

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Grandview is situated on the east side of Vancouver city which takes pride in its vibrant ethnical diversity. One of the prominent features of this place is Common Drive which is simply called “The Drive”. It has some of the most lovely cafes, restaurants and organic food stores, you will ever come across. If you plan to live here the one thing that you will enjoy a lot is the atmosphere which is all about late-night bars, amazing ethnic restaurants, and coffee shops that host open mic, bands and readings. 

During your breaks from busy schedules, you can go swimming or picnicking at the Trout Lake. This neighbourhood has many ice rinks, pools and community centres where you can sign up for programs like day camps. Since this neighbourhood is located on the east side of the city, the cost of housing is relatively less expensive as compared to places like the West End and Kitsilano. 

Distance from Places of Interest 

Place ETA 
The Basil Restaurant 1-minute drive 
Vancouver General Hospital 13-minute drive 
WB W Georgia St @ Cardero St Bus Stop13-minute drive 

Mount Pleasant 

Earlier, this beautiful neighbourhood located on the East side of the city used to be a popular place to live for students and young artists but now many young families have also started to live here. Interestingly, 60% of this youthful neighbourhood has individuals who are below 40 years of age. Mount Pleasant is known for its spirit of community and the welcoming and laid-back vibe it exudes. 

One of the major advantages of living here is easy access to public transportation which allows the residents to commute easily into downtown. If you are looking for the cheapest student accommodation in Canada, then you should definitely check out the South Main Area for some pocket-friendly housing options in this city. 

Distance from Places of Interest 

Place ETA 
Tocadoor (Restaurant)3-minute drive 
Vancouver General Hospital 5-minute drive 
SB Granville St @ W 7th Ave Bus Stop9-minute drive 


Kitsilano is a vibrant neighbourhood in which people focus a lot on health-conscious living and lifestyle. It has many yoga studios, snowboarding and surfing shops, health food stores, trendy cafes and dance studios. While staying here you will also be able to enjoy an exciting nightlife as it has many amazing restaurants and bars. 

If you are someone who enjoys nature then the good news is that while staying here you will enjoy scenic views of the North Shore Mountains and Downtown because Kitsilano borders the lovely sandy beaches of English Bay. Since this is a posh area, the cost of housing can be high but you will definitely get to enjoy a great quality of life. 

Distance from Places of Interest 

Place ETA 
Thai Basil Restaurant 3-minute drive 
St. Paul’s Hospital 9-minute drive 
EB W 4th Ave @ Trimble St Bus Stop5-minute drive 

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What is the safest neighbourhood in Vancouver?

Shaughnessy is regarded as one of the safest neighbourhoods in Vancouver. 

Is Vancouver very expensive to live in?

As per the City News, Vancouver is the most expensive city and its cost of living is 21.3 per cent more than the national average of Canada. 

What are some of the best areas to live in Vancouver? 

Some of the best areas to live in Vancouver in addition to the neighbourhoods mentioned above are – South Vancouver, West Point Grey and South Granville. 

Is it cheaper to own than rent in Vancouver?

Vancouver has been regarded as the only major city in Canada where it is cheaper to own a home than rent. 

How much is food in Vancouver?

Due to a surge in the prices of groceries in recent years, the cost of food for an individual in Vancouver can come to around CAD 400 per month. 

We hope you liked this blog where we covered some of the best areas to live in Vancouver. For booking the best accommodation abroad to start your study abroad experience you can contact Fly Homes at 1800572118. 

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