7 Interesting Facts About Queensland That You Might Not Know

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Interesting Facts About Queensland

Interesting facts about Queensland: The second largest state of Australia – Queensland is spread across 1.72 lakh km sq. of area. It is the third-most populous state in Australia and is home to around 4.5 million people. Situated in the northeast of the Australian continent, it occupies around 22.5 per cent of the area. The people in Queensland get to explore world-class waterways and beaches, rainforests, national parks and tropical reefs. 

Compared to the other states in Australia, the people of Queensland enjoy a pleasant climate which means more sunshine and warmth as the average summer temperature is around 25 degrees Celsius whereas the average winter temperature is around 15 degrees Celsius. 

Did the above information intrigue you to know more about Queensland? If yes, then keep reading further to learn some interesting facts about Queensland. 

1. Queensland is home to Five World Natural Heritage Areas 

Australia has been home to 11  World’s Natural Heritage Areas and out of that 5 are located in Queensland. The 5 World Natural Heritage Areas situated in Queensland are the Wet Tropics, Fraser Island, Riversleigh Fossil Fields, Scenic Rim National Parks, and the Great Barrier Reef. 

2. Many Famous People Are From Queensland 

Queensland has been the birthplace of many famous people. Some of the famous people who were born and raised in Queensland are – actress Miranda Otto, wildlife warrior Bindi Irwin, actor Geoffrey Rush, singer Cody Simpson, athlete Cathy Freeman, etc. 

3. Most of Australia’s Deadly Creatures are in Northern Queensland 

The phrase “Australia has so many deadly creatures” has been thrown out casually many times by people but you will not understand it until you visit Northern Queensland. There you will come across warning signs of some sort of dangerous creature frequently. The term dangerous creature is used for animals like jellyfish, crocodiles, cassowaries, venomous snakes, blue-ringed octopus, etc. 

4. Four Australian Prime Ministers Have Been From Queensland 

Queensland takes a lot of pride in the fact that four prime ministers of Australia have been from there. The four prime ministers of Australia who have made Queensland proud are – Francis Forde, Andrew Fisher, Arthur Fadden and Kevin Rudd. 

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5. Cape Tribulation is the only place in the world where two UNESCO World Heritage Listed sites meet

Situated in the tropical north, Cape Tribulation is the only place in the world where two world heritage sites meet. It is also a place where the rainforest meets the reef as the Daintree Rainforest and the Great Barrier Reef meet each other on the shore. This place leaves everybody fascinated with how two incredible ecosystems meet. 

6. The Daintree Rainforest is the Oldest in the World

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Spread across a 1200 km2 area, the Daintree Rainforest is a tropical rainforest that is considered to be the oldest rainforest still surviving. It is believed that this rainforest is around 165 million years old. Its ancient implies that some of the plants have co-existed with dinosaurs – say whattttttttttttt! 

7. The Great Barrier Reef Protects Queensland’s Shoreline From Floods, Waves and Storms

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Many studies have proven that the Great Barrier Reef is not just a beautiful underwater world but a valuable natural ecosystem that helps prevent the loss of property, loss of life, and erosion that happens because of natural occurrences like waves, storms, tsunamis and floods. Since it is parallel to the shore, there is a water body between the land and the location of the reef which stops many natural occurrences from forming. This in turn protects the shore from natural disasters. 

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What is the title given to the state of Queensland? 

Queensland addresses itself with the self-proclaimed title of ‘Sunshine State’ and has benefited a lot from the rapid growth in its tourism industry. 

Why is it called Queensland?

When people petitioned to separate, Queen Victoria in 1859 granted them their colony therefore, to honour Queen Victoria this place was named Queensland. 

What is the oldest city in Queensland?

Gayndah is regarded as the oldest town in Queensland. 

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