Cheapest Online Supermarkets in UK

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Cheapest Online Supermarkets in the UK

Cheapest Online Supermarkets in UK: If you’re an international student in the UK looking to save money, consider shopping at affordable supermarkets like ASDA, Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Morrisons, and Co-Op. These supermarkets offer grocery delivery services with charges ranging from GBP 1.70 to 25 or more.

We have prepared a list of “5 Cheapest Online Supermarkets in the UK”. These supermarkets provide affordable options for customers who prefer buying goods through online platforms The ranking here provided is based on various factors such as overall pricing, discounts, promotions, delivery fees, etc. This blog will walk you through these five cheapest online supermarkets in the UK and their delivery charges.



ASDA is one of the famous cheapest online supermarkets in the UK among students. ASDA is also a popular choice for budget-conscious shoppers in the UK. Its ‘Anytime Delivery Pass’ offers free delivery, scheduled slots, and priority access, with a midweek 12-month pass costing just GBP 3.50 per month. This makes it a great option for those who shop mid-week and want to save on delivery costs. Also, you can get rewards for buying products from here.

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If you’re a student living in one of the student accommodation in United Kingdom and want to save costs, Sainsbury’s is an excellent choice. With their anytime delivery pass or midweek delivery pass, you can save significantly on online grocery shopping making it rank higher on our list of cheapest online shopping supermarkets in UK. If you’re environmentally conscious, Sainsbury’s also offers a ‘green’ delivery time slot. If you use a Nectar card at Sainsbury’s, you can collect points for rewards at other stores like Argos, eBay, and British Airways. 



Tesco also offers one of the most affordable online food delivery services in the UK with its delivery saver plan. This plan starts at just GBP 7.99 a month and offers free delivery if your order is GBP 40 or more. If you live with flatmates, you can split the cost of the pass, making it even more affordable. However, remember that delivery charges might increase during peak times like Christmas and New Year.

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Morrisons is a great option for students looking to save on grocery delivery. With one of the lowest delivery charges of  GBP 1.70, you can save a lot on your online grocery shopping. If you are a regular delivery customer then you can also enjoy a delivery pass that guarantees free delivery and extra savings. With an Anytime pass worth GBP 65 annually and a Midweek pass worth GBP 5 a month, you can significantly cut down on your online grocery shopping costs.


The Co-op offers a cost-effective online shopping experience with free delivery on purchases of GBP 25 or more. However, for orders less than GBP 3, a delivery fee of 3 GBP applies. If your location is far from the store, you might need to pay an additional GBP 5.

Ocado Group

ocado group

You will be surprised to know that Ocado Group is one such online supermarket in UK that doesn’t have any physical store. Indeed, you heard that right. Ocado Group is a joint venture with Marks and Spencer and doesn’t have any physical stores in the country. No doubt, it will come to you as a little bit costlier supermarket but a preferable choice due to its quality. An additional advantage of choosing this online supermarket in UK is its eco-friendly and environment-friendly green delivery slots.

Delivery Costs and Availability of Online Supermarkets in UK

Let’s find out the delivery charges and the availability of the top 10 cheapest supermarkets in the UK. These will help you out on selecting the best supermarket as per your budget and order value.

SupermarketsDelivery Charges
ASDAStarts at GBP 1 
Sainsbury’s If you order more than  GBP 40, it starts at  GBP 1.
Aldi No delivery available
TescoStart at GBP 2 
Co-OpStarts at GBP 1
MorrisonsStart at GBP 1.70 
LidlNo delivery available
IcelandA bill over GBP 40 starts at GBP 3, and is free after that 
Waitrosestart at GBP 3 
OcadoStart at GBP 0 to 6.99 depending on slot availability 

FAQs on Cheapest Online Supermarkets in UK

What are the cheapest online supermarkets in the UK?

The cheapest online supermarkets in the UK include ASDA, Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Morrisons, and Co-Op. 

What are the delivery charges of Lidl?

Lidl has no delivery charges.

Does Walmart have same-day grocery delivery?

In some locations, Walmart Plus offers same-day grocery delivery for free.

What is the delivery charge of ASDA?

ASDA’s delivery charges start at GBP 1.

Is Sainsbury’s budget-friendly?

With their anytime delivery pass or midweek delivery pass, you can save significantly on online grocery shopping.

Which is the cheapest supermarket?

In UK, according to recent survey by, Aldi and Lidl comes through as the cheapest supermarket because of lowest delivery charges and low prices of the goods.

Is there any online supermarket in UK that doesn’t have physical store?

Indeed, Ocado Group is the one that doesn’t have any physical store but it is one of the top and cheapest online supermarket in UK.

Thank you for reading our blog about the cheapest online supermarkets in the UK. We hope you liked this blog. For booking the best accommodation abroad to start your study abroad experience you can contact Fly Homes at 1800572118.

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