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Singapore Laws

Singapore Laws: Singapore is known for its strict laws and regulations which are put in place to maintain peace and order in the country. Whether you are an international student planning to study in Singapore or just going there for a trip, it is important to know about weird Singapore rules so that you don’t end up breaking one. Keep reading our blog further to make yourself aware of the rules and regulations in Singapore. 

Importing or Selling the Chewing Gum is Forbidden 

This is a well-known rule in Singapore that started in 1992. It’s called the Regulation of Imports and Exports (Chewing Gum). According to it,  bringing chewing gum into Singapore is not allowed, and if you do, you might have to pay a fine of up to SGD 100,000 or go to jail for up to two years. If it happens again, the fine goes up to SGD 200,000, and you could be in jail for up to 3 years.

There’s also a law called the Sale of Food (Prohibition of Chewing Gum) Regulations according to which you can’t sell or advertise chewing gum in Singapore. If you break this rule, you might have to pay a fine of up to SGD 2,000. These rules only apply to specific types of chewing gum, if it’s an ‘oral dental gum,’ then it’s okay.

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Do Not Connect With Someone Else’s Wifi 

For business visitors in Singapore, it’s important to know that using someone else’s Wi-Fi without permission is against the law. This is mentioned in section 6(1)(a) of the Computer Misuse Act 1993. If caught doing this, you could be fined up to SGD 10,000 and go to jail for up to 3 years. If it happens again, the fine goes up to SGD 20,000, and you might be in jail for up to 5 years. But, if you’re using free Wi-Fi at a local coffee shop, you don’t have to worry too much as the law is only about using Wi-Fi without permission.

Smoking is Not Allowed Almost Everywhere in Singapore 

In Singapore, smoking is not only allowed in a lot of places. You can’t smoke indoors, on public transport, near bus stops, in public toilets, pools, eating areas, nightclubs, outdoor places like playgrounds, markets, exercise areas, near entrances or exits, and even in parking lots! The only place you can smoke is your own home (as long as neighbours are fine with it) or in special rooms for smoking. It’s probably better not to smoke at all.

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Refrain from Feeding Any Wildlife 

Singapore is often called the ‘Garden City’ because it has many nature reserves and parks. In these tropical places, you will come across many different kinds of animals like long-tailed macaques, saltwater crocodiles, pangolins, otters, and more.

It’s important not to feed any of these animals when you visit. The Wildlife Act from 1965 says you can’t do that without permission from the Director-General of Wildlife Management. If you’re caught doing it, you might have to pay a fine, up to SGD 5,000, or even more if it happens again.

No Eating or Drinking on Public Transportation 

A lot of people use Singapore’s public transport to move around the city, so it’s crucial to know about this special rule. The 1987 Rapid Transit Systems (RTS) Act makes it illegal to eat or drink at MRT stations and on MRT trains. You can’t even have plain water while you’re on the trains or in the stations, which is extra important to remember if you’re travelling in the hot summer months. If you don’t follow these rules, you might get a notice of offence and have to pay a fine, of up to SGD 500.

Refrain from Playing Musical Instruments in Public 

In Singapore, there’s a law called the Miscellaneous Offences (Public Order and Nuisance) Act according to which you can’t play musical instruments in public if it’s likely to bother or cause inconvenience to others. If someone complains about the noise, the police can come to your place and take away the instrument. If you’re found guilty, you might have to pay a fine, of up to SGD 1,000, or face a conviction.

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Is chewing gum banned in Singapore?

Yes, chewing is banned in Singapore as per the 1992 government law which outlawed chewing gum. 

How are laws made in Singapore?

On behalf of the government, the minister introduces a Bill in the Parliament which goes through 3 readings before receiving the President’s assent to become a law or a rule of parliament. 

What are some of the things that are prohibited in Singapore? 

Some of the things that are prohibited in Singapore are – 
-Owning or trading exotic animals 
-Chewing gum 
-Recreational fireworks 
-Public nudity 
-Taking durian on public transportation

Do you tip in Singapore?

Tipping is not expected in Singapore instead a service charge will normally be added to your bill. 

What are some of the popular food items in Singapore? 

Some of the popular food items in Singapore are – 
-Fish head curry.
-Hokkien prawn mee.
-Hainanese chicken rice.

We hope you liked this blog where we covered some of the weird Singapore laws and rules. For booking the best accommodation abroad to start your study abroad experience you can contact Fly Homes at 1800572118. 

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