Weekend Getaways From Leeds For Students: Unlock Adventures with Exciting Destinations

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Leeds is situated heart of Yorkshire and is surrounded by beautiful destinations perfect for a weekend getaway. While studying at Leeds Beckett University or any other university at Leeds and dealing with your study hours, you can take out some leisure time on weekends to visit the places around the city.  York, Manchester, Liverpool etc. are some of the most preferred places where students hang out on weekends. Let’s check out all the nearby destinations for weekend getaways from Leeds for students.

York: The Historical Landmark City

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A weekend visit to York from Leeds will let you explore the history and culture within easy reach. York’s medieval streets show a legacy of heritage, featuring attractions like York Minster, one of Europe’s most stunning cathedrals, and iconic places. You can visit the ancient city walls, explore the York Castle Museum, and experience the ambience of the historic city centre. For history enthusiasts and art lovers York is a must-visit destination just a short train ride away from Leeds.

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The Yorkshire Dales

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A weekend visit to the Yorkshire Dales from Leeds is a beautiful escape to nature’s beauty. This national park has a beautiful landscape of rolling hills, rugged moors, and scenic valleys. It’s a great place for hikers, cyclists, and nature lovers with a lot of trails, waterfalls, and wildlife to explore. Enjoy the serenity of the countryside, breathe fresh air, and take in the dramatic vistas. Whether you seek outdoor adventures or a peaceful environment, the Yorkshire Dales offers an ideal weekend getaway for rejuvenation and natural wonder, all just a short journey of 1 hour by train from Leeds.


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Manchester is the world’s first industrialised city and is known for its dynamic urban experience providing an escape full of culture and entertainment. Manchester is just a quick train ride away and is known for its rich industrial history, modern art scene, and music culture. Explore iconic landmarks like the Manchester Museum, and world-class dining options, and shop at the renowned Trafford Centre. The city’s history with football and cricket makes it more special. You can visit Old Trafford or the Etihad Stadium as well. Manchester is one of the most preferred destinations for weekend getaways from Leeds for a student. 


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Liverpool is one of the most preferred destinations for a weekend trip from Leeds. The city is full of iconic culture and history. Liverpool is famous for its role in the Beatles’ story. You can visit attractions like the Beatles Story Museum and the Cavern Club. The city also has a rich maritime heritage, with the fascinating Merseyside Maritime Museum and the historic Albert Dock. Spend your time along the waterfront, explore the chaotic city centre, and enjoy the diverse culinary scene. Whether you’re a music enthusiast, a history lover, or simply looking for an engaging weekend getaway, Liverpool has all of these gateways. It takes around 1.5 hours to reach Liverpool from Leeds.

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The Peak District: Scenic Beauty

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A short visit to the Peak District on the weekend from Leeds will take you to nature’s lap. The place is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts with a lot of hiking trails, cycling routes, and opportunities for rock climbing. The city is famous for its scenic beauty. The village situated near the Peak District named Edale marks one end of the iconic Pennine Way footpath. It just takes less than 1 hour to reach the place by train or bus. 

Harrogate: Spa and Elegance

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Harrogate is renowned for its elegant Victorian architecture, beautiful gardens like the Valley Gardens, and the historic Turkish Baths. You can explore the town’s streets, indulge in spa experiences, and enjoy traditional afternoon tea. With its soothing atmosphere and scenic surroundings, Harrogate is one of the best options for a weekend getaway from Leeds for students. 

The Lake District: Serene Escape

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Lake District from Leeds is a journey into an amazing natural beauty. You can visit the Lake District easily by train and enjoy the landscape of shimmering lakes, mountains, and lush forests. This city will provide you with one of the best experiences of nature and scenic beauty. In the evening you can enjoy the lakeside atmosphere, scenic drives etc. It will take hardly 2 hours to travel from Leeds to The Lake District.


Can I visit Manchester in one day travelling from Leeds?

Manchester is just an hour away from Leeds. You can easily travel to the place on a weekend and can even come back on the same day.

Is travelling to Liverpool from Leeds expensive?

If you are travelling by public transport then it won’t be expensive to travel the places around Leeds. 

Which is the best time to visit Yorkshire?

The best time to visit the best places in Yorkshire is from June to August.

Leeds, with its large student community, is not just a destination but a starting point for memorable weekend getaways. Whether you’re interested in history, nature, culture, or simply relaxing, there’s a perfect destination nearby the city. These weekend getaways from Leeds offer students a chance to explore and make the most of their time in this dynamic part of England. So, pack your bags, take your friends, and start unforgettable adventures making the most of your leisure time. 

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