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When it comes to booking accommodation it is generally advisable to do it as early as you can especially if you are aiming for a country like the UK. This is because the demand for accommodation is quite high due to the large number of students planning to study in the universities of the UK. The prices of rental accommodation soar quickly due to less supply as compared to the demand. So, if you are an international student planning to study in the UK and are not sure about the best time to book accommodation then this blog will help you greatly. Keep reading further to know more! 

Intakes in the UK 

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Before talking about the best time to book accommodation in the UK, it is important to discuss the intakes in the UK. Mainly, the two important UK intakes – January and September intake which attract many students from all around the world. In addition to this, some universities in the UK also offer May intake to the students who might have missed the two important intakes. September or Fall intake is the primary intake in which the highest number of students take admission. The second preferred intake is January or Winter intake where the number of students is comparatively less than the Fall intake as the courses are limited. Last is the May intake which is the least popular option among students planning to pursue higher education in the UK. 

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Best Time to Book an Accommodation According to Various Intakes  

It is important to plan for booking accommodation as per the intake you are aiming for. The table below contains details related to the duration of intakes and the best time to book student housing in United Kingdom according to research:

Intake Duration Best Time to Book Accommodation 
September/Fall intake September to December May
January/Winter Intake January to April September 
May/Spring Intake May to August January 

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How to Book Accommodation? 

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You need to be vigilant while booking accommodation and go through certain steps so that you can make the best decision. Mentioned below are the steps that you should follow to book an accommodation: 

  • Search and enquire – Search for the properties that are near your university and get the right inputs to identify accommodation options. 
  • Talk to an expert – Reach out to an experienced expert and get free recommendations that align with your liking. 
  • Make your choice – Make a final choice and pay a token amount to secure a place. 
  • Sign the lease agreement – Sign the lease and pay the non-refundable deposit to secure a place at the accommodation of your choice. 

Why Choose Fly Homes? 

There are many perks of choosing Fly Homes to help you find accommodation. Some of the advantages of choosing Fly Homes are- 

  • Elite Accommodations – Fly Homes have direct partnerships with the top accommodation suppliers which in turn help the students to find the best place for themselves. 
  • Global Availability – On Fly Homes, there are around 1.5 million plus rooms listed which are located across the UK, US, Canada, Australia, Ireland and thirty other countries. 
  • Best Deals – Fly Homes provides the lowest prices and exclusive deals. 
  • Flexible Booking – Students can cancel and modify their booking easily within a specific time period.  

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Where is the cheapest student accommodation in the UK?

Some of the cities that offer cheap student accommodation in the UK are Sunderland, Dundee, Hull, Wolverhampton and Bradford. 

What are some of the safest areas to live in the UK? 

Some of the safest areas to live in the UK are Surrey, The Orkney Islands, North Yorkshire, Wiltshire, Devan and Cornwall, etc. 

What are the factors to consider while choosing student accommodation? 

Some of the factors to consider while selecting a student accommodation are – proximity to the university, safety, location, facilities, security deposit, terms and conditions in the contract, etc. 

How do I find a good accommodation?

Mentioned below are some of the tips that you should follow to find a good accommodation: 
– Select a good location 
– Go through the reviews of the place you are considering
– Become familiar with the amenities offered
– Consider the price factor 
– Think about the accommodation type which is suitable for you and is in your budget.

Which website is best for student accommodation? 

Fly Homes is the best website for student accommodation as it has a user-friendly interface. It provides comprehensive information and offers a lot of accommodation options from which students can choose according to their preferences. 

We hope you liked this blog where we covered information related to the best time to book accommodation for students planning to study in the UK. For booking the best accommodation abroad to start your study abroad experience you can contact Fly Homes at 1800572118. 

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