What is the Importance of Student Accommodation in the Study Abroad Journey?

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Importance of Student Accommodation

Student accommodation is one of the most significant aspects of studying abroad. Since many students are going to live away from home, it is important to find comfortable student housing. Moreover, the accommodation chosen by the student can have a huge impact on the overall university experience. After all, it is the place where most of the time is spent. Keep reading to know more about the importance of student accommodation, types, and how to look for the perfect student housing.

What is a Student Accommodation?

A student accommodation refers to the type of housing specially designed for students pursuing higher education.  In several countries, the majority of students live away from their parents for higher education. Hence, they look for accommodation near the university. For an international student, student accommodations are of particular importance. They are temporarily living in another country, and they need comfortable housing near the university to socialise, sleep, study, etc.  Therefore, the importance of student accommodation is that it impacts the overall university experience of the student. Student accommodation can be on-campus or off-campus.

Types of Student Accommodation

There are mainly two types of student accommodation available. These are on-campus accommodation and off-campus accommodation. An on-campus accommodation refers to accommodation that is situated either at the university or near the university. For example,  Halls of Residence. On the other hand, off-campus accommodation refers to accommodation that is located beyond the university campus. These accommodations can be far from the university. For example, PBSAs and homestays. The importance of student accommodation cannot be denied. Hence, we have described the types of student accommodation in detail:

Halls of Residence

The Halls of Residence refers to the accommodation that is provided by the university or college during the study tenure. These are based on-campus or at walking distance from the university. Students prefer this as there is no stress from the commute, and it is easy to socialize with other freshman students.

Pros Cons
Easy socializing with the student community on campus Lack of privacy
Free from commuting stressDo not have extra facilities like game rooms, cinemas, etc.


Purpose-Built Student Accommodation (PBSA) is built by private developers.  They are usually well-built and provide all the amenities and services required by the students. PBSAs are located in prime locations. For example, they have game rooms, cinemas, saunas, etc.

Pros Cons
Located in prime locationsMonthly/Semester payments
Facilities like a game room, sauna, cinema room, and moreGuidelines established by the corporation overseeing.

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Homestays are designed to give in the comfort of being at home for students. Generally, applications are made for homestay options by connecting with the local host families through popular websites, or university websites. This type of accommodation might not have the luxury of the PBSA. However, they provide the warmth of home-cooked meals and family bonding time.

Pros Cons
AffordableFollowing family rules and regulations
Can be helpful in understanding the culture of the countryLack of privacy

What is the Importance of Student Accommodation?

Student accommodation is the place where a student is going to stay for the duration of the course. Therefore, the importance of student accommodation can’t be denied.  There are plenty of reasons a student accommodation is important. These are listed below:

  • Student accommodation gives a sense of belonging and safety to the student
  • Moreover, feeling settled in a living environment can help reduce stress, increase confidence, and help the student to focus on other areas of life.
  • Several college students use student accommodation as a place of study. The reason is, that it is not always possible to find a library environment.
  • Accommodation is also a place where students can socialize, and make friends.
  • Overall, it helps to create a positive living environment. Cooking, playing, and socializing with others can help in improving the mental health of the student.

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Things to Consider When Choosing Student Accommodation

One of the first things, international students do when going to study abroad is choosing student housing. The importance of student accommodation is that it helps in providing safety, comfort, and security to the student. However, choosing student accommodation is not easy. There are plenty of things a student must consider before choosing student housing.

  • Check out student accommodation providers 

The first step is to check out the student accommodation providers. To find on-campus, student accommodation the student can verify the availability on the university website. Not all universities offer university-owned- accommodation. Hence, it is wise to check out the PBSA, and other options. Universities also provide details regarding homestays. Hence, research, and apply for the same.

  • Research about student housing 

The next step is to research well about student housing. Mainly, check out the cost, and the facilities provided before making a decision. Also, research the location, rooms, rating, and other details to know if the accommodation is suitable.

  • Apply Early

After selecting the student housing, apply as soon as possible. Applications have to be made before arriving at the university. It is important to resolve any issues that may arise. Those who are renting in a local area must be aware of the surroundings 


Why is it important to have accommodations?

The importance of student accommodation lies in the fact that it helps to remove barriers and create equal opportunities for the student. It provides the facilities that a student needs while staying in a new place. Moreover, it provides safety, comfort, and security.

What is the most important when looking for accommodation?

Some of the most important things to consider when looking for student accommodation is the location, availability of rooms, prices, rating, reviews, pet rules, safety, and other facilities offered.

How would you describe a good accommodation?

A good accommodation provides all the facilities required by the student and is situated near the university. Moreover, the safety and security of the student is taken care of. There is staff to quickly resolve the accommodation problems. Additionally, a good accommodation falls within the budget of the student.

The importance of student accommodation lies in the fact that it affects the overall university experience of the student. Student accommodation provides the facilities a student needs. Moreover, the safety and security of the student is taken care of. It is also a place where students can socialize and make friends. To discover more articles like this one, consult the study abroad experts at Leverage Edu.

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