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Did you know that Hampshire is the largest county in South England by area and is the 9th largest in England? You will be amazed to know that it is the birthplace of modern fly-fishing, bird-watching and wind-surfing. 

The above information was just a sneak peek into some of the interesting facts about the county of Hampshire which not everybody is familiar with. If you want to read more interesting facts about Hampshire then keep reading our blog further to satiate your curiosity. 

Royal Yacht Squadron has Headquarters in Hampshire 

Founded on June 1, 1815, The Royal Yacht Squadron is one of the most exclusive clubs in the world. Its impressive Isle of Wight is headquartered in Cowes. Its name ‘Yacht Club’ is based on the fact that 42 yacht owners founded this club. The objective of this club was that the original members and the gentlemen who were passionate about yachting could meet in Cowes and London, twice a year to talk about yachting while dining. In 1817, the Prince Regent was welcomed as a club member. It was in 1820 when the prince became George IV that the club was renamed the Royal Yacht Club. 

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Southampton was Home to Engimatic Gentleman Pieman 

Around 180 years ago, there was a baker in Southampton who went by the name of Gentleman Pieman, who worked there for a short period of time. He used to wear a white cap, a clean white dress and a cook’s apron. He used to sell small but exquisitely made pies and used to charge only a penny for each piece. Despite running a successful business, he disappeared as quickly as he arrived in Southampton. Interestingly, nobody knew where he came from and where he went afterwards. 

Bursledon Used to Have a Parade and Celebrations After the First Wheat Harvest 

A long time back, villages in Hampshire used to celebrate in their own ways. Bursledon was no exception when it came to celebrating in its own unique way. After thrashing the first wheat of the season, the local farmers went to their mills with their horses decorated with scarlet rosettes and sets of bells used to be attached to the bridle. The event involved games like cricket, football and tug of war.

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Brick Making Used to be a Big Business in Chandler’s Ford 

Situated in the borough of Eastleigh in Hampshire, England, Chandler’s Ford is now mainly a residential area. There used to be a time when brick making used to be a big business in Chandler’s Ford. You would be shocked to know that around 35 million bricks were manufactured here to build Law Courts in London which was established in 1882. The brick manufacturer was Joseph Bull whose statue is placed at Law Courts quadrangle. Interestingly, the House of Parliament in Cape Town is also constructed from the bricks which were manufactured in Chandler’s Ford. 

Twyford Bell Ringers are Treated to an Annual Feast 

Every year on October 7, an annual feast is organised where Twyford Bell Ringers are invited for a treat. The money to organise this dinner was allocated in the will of a local resident William Davis. He got saved from falling into a deep chalk pit upon hearing the sound of Twyford Church bells. According to this story, when William heard the bells ringing he realised that he was heading in the wrong direction and managed to stop before falling which might have led to his death. In addition to providing money for the feast in his will, he also asked that the bells should ring twice on October 7 – once before 9:30 am and once around 7 pm. 

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FAQs on Interesting Facts About Hampshire 

What are some of the places worth visiting in Hampshire? 

Some of the places worth exploring in Hampshire are – 
– Highclere Cafe 
– Spinnaker Tower 
– Mary Rose Museum 
– Bombay Sapphire Distillery 
– New Forest National Park 

What is the main city in Hampshire?

The city of Southampton is the largest settlement in Hampshire. 

Where is Hampshire located? 

Located in South East England, Hampshire is a ceremonial county which covers an area of 3,769 km2 (1,455 sq m). 

What are some lesser-known facts about Hampshire? 

Some of the lesser-known facts about Hampshire are mentioned below: 
– Hampshire’s Highclere Castle is the main filming location for the popular ITV drama, Downton Abbey.
– The annual Great Hampshire Sausage and Pie Competition attracts interest from local butchers who compete for top prizes in a variety of categories. 
–  Winchester – once King Alfred’s capital, and the venue for the marriage of Queen Mary I to King Philip II of Spain – has been crowned the best place to live in Britain by The Sunday Times. 

Is Hampshire UK a good place to live?

Hampshire has some of the best urban cities in the south of England including Southampton, Winchester and Portsmouth. Therefore, it goes without saying that it is a good place to live. 

We hope you liked this blog where we covered interesting facts about Hampshire. For booking the best accommodation abroad to start your study abroad experience you can contact Fly Homes at 1800572118. 

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