Transforming Trash to Treasure: DIY Halloween Decorations With Household Items

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DIY Halloween Decorations With Household Items: While studying in any foreign country, partying on Halloween day acts as a curiosity. So, are you ready to party hard on World Halloween Day on 31st October? Are you ready for the bonfires to ward off spirits from your home? However, due to your tight budgets and no cash in hand, are you going to drop your idea? Wait, Here is a chance to celebrate your Halloween day in a pocket-friendly manner. Let’s explore the best DIY Halloween Decorations with household items. Trust me, the last one is the most amazing one.

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Grab Some Unused Items from the Kitchen

Do you have empty and unused utensils lying in your kitchen? Give them a chance and turn them into incredible decor items for your home.

Material Required

  • Clean jugs or glasses with handles or cups
  • Black permanent markers
  • White string lights


  1. Wash the jugs and glasses properly.
  2. Use permanent markers to draw various things.
  3. A hole (can be done with the help of a hot knife) or handles can be used to insert strings.
  4. Insert the white string lights into the holes to make the holder.
  5. Hang them in the corners of your living area.
  6. Decorate the walkway, by keeping it on the floor.

Haunting Flying Bats

Bats are considered to be the most classic symbol for the decoration of Halloween. It is as easy to make as it is common in the decor of the house.

Material Required

  • Black paper 
  • Scissors
  • String
  • Tape


  1. Take the black paper and create a template.
  2. Fold a piece of paper in half
  3. Draw half bat on the paper
  4. Cut out the black paper in the shape of a half bat.
  5. Symmetrical cutting is required for perfect decor.
  6. Attach a piece of string to each bat.
  7. Hang them from your ceiling.
  8. Try to adjust the position accordingly.
  9. Try to create positions with a dynamic and eerie effect. 

Use Unused Frames or Mirrors

Do you have some broken mirrors or photo frames in your home? Grab a chance to convert them into haunted frames for the upcoming Halloween party.

Material Required

  • An old unused frame
  • Black or grey colour for spray painting
  • Black lace fabric
  • Old sheer curtains


  1. Pain the frame with the help of spray paint.
  2. The colour of the frame should be black or grey.
  3. Cut out the lace fabric according to the frame.
  4. Attach black lace fabric to the backside of the frame.
  5. You can also use curtains on the back side of the frame.
  6. Hang the framed haunted mirror on your wall.

Halloween Window Silhouettes

Using silhouettes is the most easiest and preferable way for Halloween decor. Try using your unused black fabric or black paper for the subtle Halloween decor. 

Material Required

  • Black paper 
  • Black fabric
  • Scissor
  • Tape


  1. Cut out Halloween shapes from fabric or paper.
  2. Witches, cats, and ghosts are some of the easy cuttings.
  3. Attach these shapes to your windows and create a spooky effect.
  4. You can also paste them on the walls as well.

Wickedly Witchy Broomsticks

Did you know that you can use your unused brooms for the purpose of decoration as well? Try converting your waste-off brooms into wicked witches.

Material Required

  • An old broomstick
  • Twigs or straw
  • Black ribbon
  • Decorative spiders or bats


  1. Make a bunch of broomstick.
  2. Tie it with the help of a wire.
  3. Make a bundle of straws.
  4. Secure the bundle of straws over a bunch of broomsticks.
  5. Design it with the help of a black ribbon.
  6. Add decorative spiders or bats.
  7. Hang it on the entrance door of your house.
  8. You can also lean them against the wall.

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What is the easy homemade Halloween decoration idea?

The best idea for easy homemade Halloween decorations is to decorate with scary and realistic bats.

How can I use lights in homemade Halloween decorations?

You can use LED lights in your theme to make Halloween decorations more creative and beautiful. String lights can be used for a glowing effect.

Do I need any special skills to decorate my dorm room on Halloween day?

Most of the decorations don’t require any crafting experience. You just need basic skills like cutting and glueing to decorate your home.

The decoration for any particular event or festival should not be as expensive as the decor of the home in general. It should be done in a pocket-friendly manner with more creativity, love, and charm. With the help of the above ideas, try to transform your living area and let your imagination run wild with these DIY Halloween decorations with household items. Have a blast. Happy Halloween!

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