5 Best Areas to Live in Derby

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Best Areas to Live in Derby

Best Areas to Live in Derby: The city of Derby is well-known for its rich history, culture, and diverse neighbourhoods. While walking down the streets of Derby you will come across scenic views which will surely leave you fantasizing about living in this amazing city. The people planning to move here will come across plenty of choices which implies that whether someone is looking for a peaceful suburban place or a home in a vibrant urban location, Deby will never disappoint them. 

If you are an international student planning to study in the UK and stay in Derby, this blog will help you greatly as here we have covered some great recommendations for the best areas to live in Derby. Keep reading further to know more! 

1. Darley Abbey 

Darley Abbey was previously a historic mill village but is now a suburb of Derby City, England. This famous suburb is situated in the north of the city and is best known for River Derwent and Darley Park. It is also quite popular for its 18th-century industrial heritage. Over the main Duffield Road, you will come across many large Edwardian and Victorian homes. Also, if you are into traditional cottages then you will find these around the river on the roads like Darley Street. 

Distance from Places of Interest 

The table below contains some of the places of interest near Darley Abbey and their respective ETAs. 

Place ETA
Royal Derby Hospital 8-minute drive 
The European Restaurant 5-minute drive 
Markeaton Park Park and Ride (Bust Stop)4-minute drive 

How to Reach 

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2. Mickleover 

Mickleover is situated just a few miles west of Derby’s city centre. It is a vibrant suburb which is known for its community-based lifestyle. Mickleover has a  well-connected network of public transportation because of which residents are able to commute without any hassle. If you rent student housing in United Kingdom then living in it will means that you will have every facility at your disposal as this suburb is near many supermarkets, local shops, and healthcare facilities. People planning to move here will surely get a suitable housing choice for them as there are various traditional and modern style housing options available. 

Distance from Places of Interest 

The table below contains some of the places of interest near Mickleover and their respective ETAs.

Place ETA 
Binary Bar and Restaurant 3-minute drive 
Royal Derby Hospital 4-minute drive 
Seven Wells (Bus Stop)6-minute drive 

How to Reach 

3. Oakwood 

 If you are someone who prefers a vibrant and modern residential area then Oakwood is a perfect place for you. Located northeast of the city centre, living in this area means that you will have convenience at your fingertips. Here you will easily get access to various facilities, which include many restaurants, shopping centres, bars, etc. Its strategic location and vibrant community-based lifestyle make the experience of an urban lifestyle amazing.  

Distance from Places of Interest 

The table below contains some of the places of interest near Mickleover and their respective ETAs.

Place ETA 
The Oak and Acorn (Restaurant)2-minute drive 
Derby Hospitals Foundation Trust 12-minute drive 
Haslams Lane (Bus Stop)8-minute drive 

How to Reach 

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4. Allestree 

Situated in the Northwest of Derby, Allestree is a suburban neighbourhood with scenic views. At Allestree, the residents get every facility at their fingertips. The most popular place here is Allestree Park which is a beautiful green space with amazing walking trails, a sports community and a serene lake. This suburb is particularly popular among people looking forward to a peaceful and nurturing atmosphere. 

Distance from Places of Interest 

The table below contains some of the places of interest near Allestree and their respective ETAs.

Place ETA 
The Chow House (Restaurant)1-minute drive 
Royal Derby Hospital 9-minute drive 
Wild Park Lane (Bus Stop)12-minute drive 

How to Reach 

5. Littleover 

Located southeast of Derby’s city centre, Littleover offers a perfect blend of serenity and vibrancy to its residents. To ensure a hassle-free life for its residents, this neighbourhood of Derby provides easy access to various facilities and local stores. The residents here get to experience the beauty of cultural diversity as Littleover is known for hosting many events and festivals which display various cuisines, music and art. 

Distance from Places of Interest 

The table below contains some of the places of interest near Littleover and their respective ETAs.

Place ETA 
Browns Restaurant Derby 3-minute drive 
Royal Derby Hospital 5-minute drive 
Community School Bus Park (Bus Stop)3-minute drive 

How to Reach 

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Is Derby a good city to live in?

Derby is well-connected to public transportation and offers many facilities to its residents to ensure their convenience. This city has also many times secured a spot in the list of best places to live in the UK. 

What is the safest area in Derby?

Some of the safest neighbourhoods in Derby are – Oakwood, Allestree South, Allestree North, etc. 

Is Derby a good city for students?

It is regarded as one of the most pocket-friendly student cities in the UK and is also home to the world-famous University of Derby. 

We hope you liked this blog where we covered some of the best areas to live in Derby. For booking the best accommodation abroad to start your study abroad experience you can contact Fly Homes at 1800572118. 

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