Top 5 Amazing Places to Visit in Derby 

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Places to Visit in Derby

Places to Visit in Derby: Derby, England is a great place to study because it has several renowned universities like the University of Derby as well as famous cafes and restaurants.

You might enjoy travelling for a change of scenery, even if there are plenty of attractions near your Derby student accommodation. Go outside, have a break from your computer, and see some incredible sights before going back to your normal routine.

Within an hour or two of Derby, one can travel to beautiful coasts, picturesque rural settings, and mountain ranges. Read this blog to know more.

Below is the table of the places and their Google ratings.

PlacesGoogle Ratings & Reviews
Derby Museum and Art Gallery
Bluebell Dairy Farm
Kedleston Hall
Derby Cathedral
Derby Arboretum

Travellers who appreciate history and art should not miss a trip to this amazing Derby Museum and Art Gallery. The things found there are both unique and beautiful. Every single item has its own story of when it was made when it was used, when it was loved, when it was lost, stolen, collected, and stored. Visitors won’t miss anything here that captures their attention. Each area offers a unique experience. There are hardwood pillows to tools used to torment prisoners in the past. So if you are passing by Derby make sure to visit this museum once.

Distance from Places of Interest 

Place ETA 
Finale Restaurant1-minute drive 
The Kitchen Cafe1-minute drive 
R & L Fruits6-minute drive 

How to Reach 

2. Bluebell Dairy Farm

The Bluebell Dairy Farm is a family-run dairy farm in Derby.  It is also a cafe that offers many things to their visitors like animals, tasty meals, and lovely playgrounds ideal students. They have their own farm. They also exclusively create their ice cream using milk from their own cows. The little tearooms on the farms provide a beautiful and relaxing setting. Visitors can let their kids run about and pet the farm’s lovely animals. A wheelchair is also available here as an amenity, so even those with disabilities can enjoy this beautiful place. I thought this was one of their best touches. I definitely recommend it to students.

Distance from Places of Interest 

Place ETA 
Shalis Takeaway33-minute drive 
Alentton Market21-minute drive 
Wilmot Arms (Steamin’ Billy Brewing Co.)43-minute drive 

How to Reach 

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3. Kedleston Hall

Embed from Getty Images

Kedleston Hall is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Derby. In addition to the beautiful sculptures and paintings found at Kedleston Hall, many acres of beautiful parkland are available for exploration and enjoyment. The building was designed by Robert Adam, an architect from the past. Original furniture, sculptures, and paintings are displayed beside the amazing performances of various artists in this hall. People travel a long way to see the performances of the performers here. 

Distance from Places of Interest 

Place ETA 
National Trust – Restaurant1-minute drive 
Hermitage Landmark10-minute drive 
The Joiners Arms53-minute drive 

How to Reach 

4. Derby Cathedral

Embed from Getty Images

Derby Cathedral is a well-known tourist destination. Due to its fascinating and extensive history, it is well-known among tourists. Also, this cathedral provides stunning lighting for visitors at night. You can also take in the nighttime events that the cathedral is hosting. Aerial performances are another option. For further information about the history of this church, you can also hire a tour guide. There is a location in the cathedral designated as the falconry area, where falcons from various places congregate. This is the perfect location for you if you appreciate birds.

Distance from Places of Interest 

Place ETA 
Afrikana1-minute drive 
Market Place4-minute drive 
Ye Olde Dolphin Inne1-minute drive 

How to Reach 

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5. Derby Arboretum

Embed from Getty Images

Derby Arboretum is one of the very famous places in Derby. The area of Derby Arboretum is about 7.5 acres. It is a must-see public botanical garden which is free for everyone. People who love different kinds of plants must visit this area. This area offers also outdoor activities for visitors. This is Britain’s first public park. Children and students will definitely enjoy this park. If you are passing by Derby make sure to visit this amazing plant kingdom.

Distance from Places of Interest 

Place ETA 
Smash N Burger6-minute drive 
Fresh Bazar10-minute drive 
The Melbourne Bar Derby Sky Sports and BT Sports11-minute drive 

How to Reach 


What is Derby most famous for?

Derby is famous for Bluebell Dairy, Derwent River, Donington Park Circuit, and many more.

What is unique about Derby?

The city of Derby is home to a variety of interesting facts and characteristics, from significant historical events related to the Industrial Revolution to the purported birthplace of the hot dog. Here are some interesting facts about this city. Some of the oldest bells in existence are those at Derby Cathedral.

Is Derby close to London?

In terms of distance, Derby and London are 114 miles apart. The distance by road is 126.6 miles.

This blog was all about places to visit in Derby. For booking the best accommodation abroad to start your study abroad experience you can contact Fly Homes at 1800572118. 

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