Best Areas to Live in Ireland 

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Best Areas to Live in Ireland 

Best Areas to Live in Ireland: Ireland is a beautiful country and an exciting place to visit. It is a preferable choice for students aspiring to study abroad. However, finding the right place to live can be challenging and a daunting task.

The country is renowned for offering a safe and secure place and the best cities in Ireland that cater to different lifestyles and preferences. Here’s a simple guide to some of the best areas for international students to live in Ireland.


Nearby UniversitiesUniversity College Dublin
Tourist AttractionsGuinness Storehouse, EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum, etc.
Known ForRich Culture & Access to Europe
Average IncomeEUR36,279/annually
Cost of LivingEUR1,095/single person

The capital city of Ireland, Dublin is the the largest city in the country and is renowned for its lively atmosphere, cultural events, and bustling nightlife. It is one of the best areas to live in Ireland and is known to offer a lot of cultural, economic, and political exposure to its people. Some of the top and prestigious universities like Trinity College Dublin and University College Dublin are located in this city. The city never going to disappoint you as it offers plenty of part-time job opportunities for students. The city is home to some of the best clubs, restaurants, and bars offering vibrant nightlife and world-class environments.


Best Areas in Dublin:

  • City Centre: Close to universities and full of life, but can be expensive.
  • Rathmines: A bit quieter, with plenty of student accommodation and good public transport links.
  • Drumcondra: Affordable and close to Dublin City University.


Nearby UniversitiesUniversity College Cork, Cork Institute of Technology, Crawford College of Art and Design
Tourist AttractionsBlarney Castle & Gardens, Blarney Stone, The English Market, etc.
Known ForLifestyle & Colorful Culture
Average IncomeEUR46,132
Cost of LivingEUR1000/single person

Cork is another best places to live in Ireland and is renowned as the capital of culture. This best place to live in Ireland is ideally sitting in the southern part of the nation and home to prestigious universities like University College Cork and many more. This smaller city with a big heart, offering music, art, and festivals is generally cheaper than Dublin for rent and cost of living in Ireland.


Best Areas in Cork:

  • City Centre: Convenient and close to everything, but pricier.
  • Wilton: Near University College Cork, with good amenities and transport.
  • Bishopstown: A popular residential area for students.


Nearby UniversitiesUniversity of Galway, ATU Galway City, etc.
Tourist AttractionsEyre Square, Galway Cathedral, Spanish Arch, etc.
Known ForGreat Outdoors & Friendly Vibe
Average IncomeEUR45089/annually
Cost of LivingEUR881

Galway is also on the list of best places to live in Ireland. It is known for its vibrant arts scene, music, and festivals. This best place to live in Ireland is renowned for being close to the stunning landscapes of the West of Ireland. The famous Cliffs of Moher and the Connemara National Park are some of the key attractions that attract a huge number of visitors every year. You will find this the best place to live in Ireland if you are studying at the National University of Ireland, Galway.


Best Areas in Galway:

  • City Centre: Lively and convenient, perfect for enjoying Galway’s nightlife and culture.
  • Salthill: Coastal area with beautiful views and a relaxed vibe.
  • Newcastle: Close to the university, popular among students.

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Nearby UniversitiesUniversity of Limerick, Mount St. Josephs
Tourist AttractionsKing John’s Castle, The Milk Market, The Hunt Museum, etc.
Known ForAffordable Cost of Living
Average IncomeEUR40,000/annually
Cost of LivingEUR2,005/single person

Limerick is considered to be one of the best places to live in Ireland due to its affordable and convenient cost of living. The cost of living in Limerick is quite low in comparison to cities like Dublin and Cork. It is renowned for being home to one of the prestigious universities like the University of Limerick which is known for its strong academic programs. If you find yourself a sports enthusiast you will find it a great option with plenty of activities.


Best Areas in Limerick:

  • Castletroy: Near the University of Limerick, with plenty of student housing.
  • City Centre: Convenient, with good access to amenities and transport.
  • Dooradoyle: A residential area with a good mix of amenities and affordable housing.

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Nearby UniversitiesFairfield University, CT State Community College
Tourist AttractionsWestport House, Westport Town Hall Theatre, etc.
Known ForCost of Living
Average IncomeEUR 330,156/annually
Cost of LivingEUR 3,320/single person

Westport is another best place to live in Ireland with its ideal location on the Mayo Coastline the city of Westport. Its cost of living and affordability make this city the best place to live in Ireland. It is home to some of the best and most prestigious educational institutions like Fairfield University, CT State Community College, and many more.

Best Areas in Westport:

  • City Centre: Close to everything, making it convenient for students.
  • Dunmore Road: A bit more residential, with good amenities and transport links.
  • Westport House and Westport Town Hall Theatre are the top key attractions.

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FAQs on Best Areas to Live in Ireland

What is the cost of living in Ireland for students?

The cost of living varies depending on the city you live in. Dublin tends to be the most expensive, with higher rent and living expenses. Cities like Cork, Galway, Limerick, and Waterford are generally more affordable. On average, students might spend between EUR 1,000 to EUR 1,500 per month, including accommodation, food, transport, and other expenses.

How do I find accommodation in Ireland?

There are several ways to find accommodation:
– University Accommodation: Many universities offer on-campus housing or can help you find nearby student residences.
– For private rentals and student accommodations go to one of the most trusted and authentic websites like Fly Homes.

What type of accommodation is available in Ireland?

– On-Campus Housing: Managed by universities, often the easiest option for first-year students.
– Shared Apartments/Houses: Renting a room in a shared house or apartment with other students.
– Studios: Private apartments with a single room that includes a bedroom, kitchen, and living area.
– Homestays: Living with an Irish family, which can be a great way to experience local culture.

Can I work while studying in Ireland?

Yes, international students on a valid student visa can work part-time during their studies. You can work up to 20 hours per week during term time and up to 40 hours per week during holidays.

Is Ireland safe for international students?

Yes, Ireland is generally a safe country for students. However, it’s always important to take usual precautions, such as being aware of your surroundings, especially at night, and securing your belongings.

Moving to a new country is a big step, but Ireland’s friendly atmosphere and supportive communities make it a fantastic place for international students. Enjoy your time in Ireland, and make the most of this exciting experience!

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