Traditional Diwali Decoration Ideas to Overcome Darkness

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Diwali is a beautiful festival with a perfect amalgamation of lights and colours. India celebrates Diwali with its traditional essence and colourful vibes. Students who are studying abroad miss the real traditional essence of the festival. One way in which you can feel at home in a foreign country is to decorate your living area, invite your friends, and decorate Diwali like home! So, are you excited to decorate your living area this Diwali? You must be searching for some of the creative and traditional ideas to decorate your living area this Diwali. Keep reading the blog! This blog will serve your purpose of providing you with several Diwali decoration ideas that can make you feel at home in a foreign land. 

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Add Traditional Essence with Diyas 

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Decoration with Diyas and lights is something that adds traditional essence to your room. You can grab a few trays from the market that are surrounded by diyas. These beautiful lit diyas will add a traditional look to the decor of your living area. In the centre bowl, you can add water with rose petals or lotus petals that will act as a natural room freshener and enhance the beauty of your living area. If you want to avoid open flames around, you can go for LED-powered diyas which will add a traditional look to your decor that too securely and more safely.

Enhance Natural Fragrance with Flowers

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Another best way to decorate your room or living area this festive season is to decorate it with fresh flowers and flower petals across the room. The choice depends on the fragrance you want and the type of flower you love. You can choose several flowers for a satisfying fragrance and a natural room freshener with the touch of colourful tradition in your living area. You can also use several kinds of plants to place them in the corners of the room or hang them on the balconies.

Play with String of Lights

Lights play an important role in the decor of Diwali. If you are planning to invite your friends in a traditional Indian way, you should start decorating your room from the outside first and inside later. Discuss with other flatmates and plan to decorate your building with several colourful lights. If you are not getting consent from the building mates, you can start decorating your entrance with colorful lights. Grab some lanterns or chandeliers for the entrance and decorate the door of your room with a string of lights. You can also place LED lights or diyas in the passage to add a more festive and traditional look.

Create Vibrant Rangoli Patterns

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Creating rangoli patterns adds festive vibes and colors to the decor. Add some beautiful colours and a few patterns to your shopping bag from the market. If you are planning to invite your friends for the decor as well, you guys can sit together and have fun while making vibrant rangolis this Diwali. Your foreign friends will enjoy making rangolis with you and giving a traditional touch to your decor. If you are good and quick at art, you can create several rangolis throughout the space. However, if you are not an art enthusiast, grabbing some patterns from the markets would help.


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DIY is one of the best and cheapest ways to decorate your dorm room this Diwali. You just need to collect a few things that will help you out in executing your successful decor. If you have enough budget to buy a few things, try to grab some Diwali craft kits, invite your friends, and decorate your room in your way with your style of decor. Try grabbing some pre-cut sheets to make some roll-out lanterns and ribbons. Apart from this, you can also grab some artificial flowers and plants to decorate the walls of your living area. You can also hang some plants on the windows or you can also make it float in a bowl keeping it on the centre table. 

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How to choose the right theme for this Diwali decor?

Diwali is a festival of colour and light. While decorating your dorm room, you should choose a theme and collect the required items. You can go for a particular theme as per the availability of the decor items.

How can I decorate my dorm room with less expenses?

Explore thrift shops for the best decor items that reflect your festive theme. If you can’t trace out the cheap items at the thrift shops, DIY home decor is the cheapest of all.

Can I buy festive room decor items online?

Yes, you can order room decor items online as well. But be sure to cross-check the prices at various online portals. You may not find it budget-friendly.

If you are excited to make your room like your hometown, be sure to decorate your room with the above ideas. Manage the space of your dorm room and plan your decor as per the availability of decor items and space. It is considered one of the best ways to indulge in, during, and before your festive holidays. It is also a beautiful and productive escape from your monotonous busy academic schedule. So, this festive season be ready to decorate your dorm room just like your home.

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