Illuminate your Festive Spirit with Unique Diya Decoration Ideas for Diwali

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Diya Decoration Ideas

Illuminate your Festive Spirit with Unique Diya Decoration Ideas for Diwali: Diwali, the festival of lights, is a special time for all of us who celebrate it, especially for international students away from home. It’s that time of the year when homes in India are decorated with beautiful diyas (oil lamps), rangoli (colourful patterns), and lights to welcome the light over darkness. If you’re far away from your family studying in another country and feeling a little emotional, then don’t worry! We’ve got some easy Diya decoration ideas to bring the joy and happiness of Diwali to your dorm room.

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Glitter Diya Decoration

This Diwali, try this old concept to enhance your diya decoration. Buy some sachets of glitter in various colours. Apply glue on the surface of the Diya and pour the glitter particles over it, so it covers each corner, dust off the excess and let it dry for some time. You can also try glitter glue to save time. And your shimmering diyas are done for your Diwali in your dorm room. 

Hand-Painted Diya 

Hand-painted Diyas are the best form of art and lights for your Diwali. It will feel like you are in your own home as it carries a home feeling. With hand-painted diyas, polish your painting abilities and produce original diya painting patterns in your room. It is one of the easily made forms of diyas that everyone can make. This amazing hand-painted diya is worth trying if you’re not at home or don’t have anything for your dorm room to decorate.

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Glass Candle Diyas

Glass Candle Diyas are the purest form of art. It is like the lantern we used to light in our home. All you need is plain, simple glass and bright woollen yarns. To add some creativity and movement to a single glass, you can cover it with woollen threads in various colours. Lighting a candle inside will create a luminous Diwali atmosphere. When glass candles are magically lit, they look beautiful.

Peacock Diya Decoration 

Peacock Diya Decoration is one of the easiest and most famous decorations for Diwali. Buy the multicoloured wool and diyas. Decorate the wool in patterns, and add conch shell patterns and floral themes. Then light the diyas with a candle. At that moment, you will be able to feel the lights and all of the amazing decorations you made. You’ll feel like you’re at home during Diwali.

Henna Artistry Diya

Add a touch of tradition to your diya decoration by using henna paste to create amazing designs on the diyas. Once the henna has dried, gently scrape it off to reveal the henna-designed diya. Painting the diya’s rim or base with a complementary colour completes the look. 


How can I do these Diya decoration ideas in a small dorm room space?

These ideas are also can be done in small spaces. You can place the decorated diyas on a small table, or window sill, or create a mini Diwali corner on a shelf or wall.

Is it safe to use candles inside these decorated diyas in a dorm room?

Yes, but if you cannot use candles inside your rooms you can add some small lights instead of candles.

Can I find the materials for these Diya decoration ideas easily if I’m studying abroad?

Most of the materials, like plain diyas, glitter, glue, and paint, can be found in arts and crafts stores, or you can order them online.

If you want to feel good in Diwali away from your home, you can try some of the above-mentioned Diya decoration ideas.

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