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New York is a treasure trove of amazing theatres from east to west. If you’re into historical plays, Broadway hits, or amazing dance shows, there’s something for everyone in New York. So, just take a break, visit a theatre, and enjoy some fantastic food nearby while exploring the amazing theatres in New York.   

Theatres in New York Offering Historical Plays

As a student, if you love plays and want to see some of the best shows in the world, explore the amazing theatres in New York that perform amazing plays.

St. James Theatre

Lights of St. James Theatre

St. James Theatre is one of the largest theatres in New York offering historical plays to modern acts. This theatre is located on Broadway in New York. Featuring around 1,710 seats and amazing student-friendly acts, this theatre caters to a cosy atmosphere for students. Famous acts like The King and I, The Producers, Hello Dolly, and Oklahoma were all staged here.

Check Out the Restaurants and Pubs Nearby

NamesGoogle Ratings
Howies Restaurant4.5/5
Thai Express Kitchen4.4/5

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Vivian Beaumont Theatre

Mesmerizing Vivian Beaumont Theatre

If you are studying literature then this is your place to be as this theatre offers classic Shakespearean plays and historical plays as well. This theatre is capable of holding 1,200 visitors with its warm atmosphere and amazing food options. You can see this theatre’s amazing interior design that will blow your mind. If you are a book lover you can also find many bookshops in New York outside this theatre.

Check Out the Restaurants and Pubs Nearby

NamesGoogle Ratings
Port Customs Bar4.4/5
The Kilted Kangaroo4.3/5

Famous Theatres in New York 

The below list of popular New York theatres is a great place to spend time with your friends and have a little refreshment after a long college day.

Broadway Theatre

With an almost 1,761-seat capacity, Broadway Theatre offers vaudeville shows and movies. This amazing theatre opened in 1924 and staged different plays. Also, this theatre premiered Mickey Mouse and Steamboat Willie back then. West Side Story, Sister Act, Les Misérables, Miss Saigon, and Shrek The Musical are some of the productions hosted by the Broadway theatre. It is easily accessible to students at New York University due to its proximity to bus stops and rail stations.

Check Out the Restaurants and Pubs Nearby

NamesGoogle Ratings
Cucina On Hay3.6/5
C Restaurant in the Sky4.4/5

New York City Centre

New York City Centre theatre

The New York City Centre is like a big house for amazing shows. In this theatre three special rooms are dedicated to shows, the largest of which can hold up to 2,257 visitors at once and the other two smaller rooms are for more intimate shows. This theatre is not far from Carnegie Hall – just a short walk away! Here you can try the amazing street foods in New York just outside the theatre.

Check Out the Restaurants and Pubs Nearby

NamesGoogle Ratings
Brass Monkey Hotel3.6/5

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Richard Rodgers Theatre

The great Richard Rodgers Theatre

This is a super famous theatre on Broadway where they perform awesome shows. This theatre has won 11 awards including the prestigious Tony Awards. This is the highest number of awards any theatre has ever won. Though this theatre was built around 1925, they have some cool, new designs. This theatre is located close to the Times Square. You can easily get to this theatre if you are studying at Columbia University.

Check Out the Restaurants and Pubs Nearby

NamesGoogle Ratings
Lochaber Cafe4.4/5
The La Orkis4.6/5


What are the famous theatres in New York?

The famous theatres in New York include the Richard Rodgers Theatre, New York City Centre, Broadway Theatre, St. James Theatre, and more. 

Are there specific student-friendly acts or performances at St. James Theatre?

Yes, St. James Theatre hosts a variety of acts suitable for students, ranging from historical plays to modern performances. 

Can students at New York University easily access Broadway Theatre?

Yes, Broadway Theatre is conveniently located near bus stops and rail stations, making it easily accessible for students at New York University who want to enjoy some fantastic plays.

What are the budget-friendly theatres in New York?

Broadway theatres like The Public Theater and New World Stages are known for budget-friendly options.

Which theatre in New York is close to Columbia University?

Richard Rodgers Theatre is conveniently located just a short walk west of Times Square, making it easily accessible for students at Columbia University.

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