5 Best Areas to Live in Bath for Students: Best Places (2024)

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Best Areas to Live in Bath

Bath often ranks first when it comes to the greatest places in the world to live. Bath is recognised for its rich art, culture, music, theatre, and delicious food scene.

If you’re an international student who plans to stay in Bath, you’ve made the correct decision because it will have a very good impact on your life. We have compiled a list of some of the best areas to live in Bath for students to assist you in pursuing your goals.

Oldfield Park 

Student Neighbourhood of Oldfield Park

Almost 15 minutes away from the University of Bath, Oldfield Park is a popular place for students to live. This locality offers amazing cafes where you can hang out with your friends and study. Velo Lounge is a student-friendly spot to grab some snacks.

The houses here aren’t too expensive, making it a great choice for students. So, if you’re studying at any university in Bath and want a lively, student-friendly neighbourhood, Oldfield Park is one of the best areas to live in.

Check Out the Pubs Nearby

NamesGoogle Ratings
Black Bull4.2/5
The Guildford Arms4.5/5

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Combe Down

Combe Down in the day

It’s like a quiet village with friendly neighbours and beautiful houses. You can easily access the University of Bath from here. This student neighbourhood has cosy cafes like ‘The Firs’ where you can get yummy treats.

If you love a quiet atmosphere then this is the perfect student housing in United Kingdom for you. It is a small place where everyone knows each other, and you can have picnics on sunny days. You can also find many bookshops here if you are a bookworm.

Check Out the Pubs Nearby

NamesGoogle Ratings
The Head of Steam 4.3/5
The Brown Bear4.3/5

City Centre

Bath City Centre

The City Centre in Bath is like the heart of the town. City Centre is one of the best places to live in Bath for students, especially for young professionals. Here the buildings are just perfect for students, well-ventilated and secure student housing in United Kingdom.

This neighbourhood is like a big friendly community where you can have fun. It’s one of the best places for students who want to be close to everything and have fun. 

Check Out the Pubs Nearby

NamesGoogle Ratings
The Square4.3/5
Deboins Inn4.1/5

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Widcombe student neighbourhood

Widcombe is full of amazing shops and markets. Living here means you will get an opportunity to explore some of the best shopping malls in Bath, Bath Public Library, West Georgia Street, the Bath Art Gallery, and many other popular attractions in Bath.

This place is close to the University of Bath. Widcombe is also close to bus stops and rail stations.

Check Out the Pubs Nearby

NamesGoogle Ratings
The Admiralty, Trafalgar Square4.3/5
Silver Cross4/5

The Twerton

City of Twerton

Twerton is located in the west of Bath and one of the best areas to live in Bath for students. It’s a friendly neighbourhood where you can feel safe and right at home. Twerton has some nice places to eat like Shenon and Topamaddi.

And you know what is the best part? You’re close to the city centre, so you can easily explore all the fun stuff Bath has to offer. Living in Twerton means affordable living, a welcoming community, and easy access to both food and fun.

Check Out the Pubs Nearby

NamesGoogle Ratings
The Shakespeare4.1/5
Town Hall Tavern 4.2/5


Is it cheap for students to live in Oldfield Park?

Yes, Oldfield Park is good for students because it’s not too expensive to live there. You can also find cool cafes here.

What are the best places to live in Bath for students?

Oldfield Park, Combe Down, Twerton, and City Centre are some of the best places to live in Bath for students. From these places, you can go to the University of Bath easily.

What’s special about living in the City Centre?

Living in the City Centre is like being in the heart of the town. You can find great shops, and sometimes, you can find street performers too.

What makes Twerton a good choice for students?

Twerton is in the west of Bath, and it’s friendly and safe. There are nice places to eat, and you’re close to the city Centre for all the fun stuff. 

How easy is it to go from Twerton to the University of Bath?

Twerton is only 15 minutes from the University of Bath.  

We hope you liked this blog where we covered some best areas to live in Bath for students. For booking the best accommodation abroad to start your study abroad experience you can contact Fly Homes at 1800572118. 

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