5 Richest Neighbourhoods in Canada in 2024

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Richest Neighbourhoods in Canada

Wondering what are the wealthiest neighbourhoods in Canada in 2024? Well, No worries! With the high cost of living, Canada is one of the richest countries in the world-renowned for its world-class lifestyle, quality education, and affluent neighbourhoods. For international students looking to immerse themselves in luxury and comfort during their studies, these neighbourhoods offer a glimpse into Canada’s elite lifestyle.

If you are an international student studying in Canada and want to explore the richest neighbourhoods in Canada, you are in the right place! From opulent residences to exclusive amenities, we will be exploring the top 5 affluent and richest neighbourhoods in Canada. Keep reading further!

Shaughnessy (North), Vancouver, British Columbia


Shaughnessy is one of the fantastic neighbourhoods in Canada renowned for its historic mansions and tree-lined streets. With its ideal location in Vancouver, this neighbourhood in Canada will never disappoint you. Don’t miss on enjoying the stunning architecture with the proximity to prestigious private schools and serene parks like Queen Elizabeth Park. Be updated about the events hosted in the richest neighbourhoods in Canada to avoid culture shock in Canada. It is the wealthiest residential neighbourhood in Canada spanning about 447 hectares in a relatively central locale. 

Forest Hill

Forest Hill

Forest Hill is another wealthiest and richest neighbourhoods in Canada renowned for its affluent residents and grand estates. Forest Hill is ideally located close to the city’s financial district and top universities like the University of Toronto. This richest neighbourhood in Canada offers a tranquil retreat amidst lush greenery and exclusive amenities. It is a neighbourhood and former village in Midtown Toronto, Ontario, Canada, located north of Downtown Toronto. The majority of homes are detached and spacious, featuring stunning Elizabethan and Georgian-style exteriors. Try exploring outdoor adventures in Canada in this richest neighbourhood in Canada.

Upper Mount Royal

Upper Mount

As one of Calgary’s oldest, most prestigious, and richest neighbourhoods in Canada, Upper Mount Royal features sprawling estates and beautifully landscaped gardens. With home to some of the most beautiful homes in Calgary, this richest neighbourhood in Canada is renowned for a mix of old and contemporary styled architecture. You can enjoy a sense of community while being minutes away from downtown Calgary’s bustling entertainment and dining scene. It’s close to the downtown core, with plenty of upscale establishments.

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Westmount is another richest neighbourhoods in Canada renowned for its historic mansions and elegant townhouses. This richest neighbourhood in Canada offers a blend of French and English heritage. With proximity to several prestigious universities like McGill University and Concordia University, this richest neighbourhood in Canada will never disappoint you. If you are planning to reside here, you can experience a rich cultural tapestry while residing in this charming neighbourhood. It’s an accessible area, making it desirable to home buyers. It’s walkable and there are plenty of bus stops nearby. Check out the Canadian festivals and get immersed in local culture here.



Roxboro is another amazing and richest neighbourhood in Canada. With its ideal location along the Elbow River to the north and south, this richest neighbourhood in Canada boasts beautiful architecture and the convenience of being within walking distance of hip establishments. This richest neighbourhood in Canada was established in 1923 and the buildings have been standing still since then. You will find this richest neighbourhood in the vicinity of Stampede Park — home of the Calgary Stampede, one of Calgary’s top destinations during the summer. Interact with locals and learn manners and etiquette in Canada.

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FAQs about Richest Neighbourhoods in Canada

What are the richest neighbourhoods in Canada?

Some of the richest neighbourhoods in Canada include Roxboro, Elbow Park, Upper Mount Royal, Kerrisdale, Forest Hill North, Bridle Path, Shaughnessy, Britannia, Forest Hill South and others.

Are the richest neighbourhoods in Canada affordable for students?

While the richest neighbourhoods in Canada offer luxurious accommodations and amenities, they often come with a higher cost of living. International students should carefully consider their budget and explore alternative housing options, such as shared accommodations or student residences, to manage expenses.

What are the advantages of living in the richest neighbourhoods in Canada?

Living in affluent and richest neighbourhoods in Canada often means access to safer environments, better infrastructure such as public transportation, high-quality amenities like parks, shopping centres, and cultural venues, and proximity to prestigious educational institutions. These areas also tend to have lower crime rates and offer a more luxurious lifestyle.

How can students find housing in the richest neighbourhoods in Canada?

International students can start by researching online platforms, university accommodation services, and local real estate agents specializing in student housing. Consider Fly Homes as it is going to help you from identification to relocation of student housing property. Networking with fellow students can also be helpful in finding suitable housing options in affluent neighbourhoods.

What are the tips for students living in affluent neighbourhoods in Canada?

International students should consider factors such as transportation options including proximity to public transit or bike lanes, availability of essential services like healthcare facilities and grocery stores, and the overall atmosphere of the neighbourhood, quiet and residential versus lively and bustling.

Hope you liked reading our blog about the richest neighbourhoods in Canada. For booking the best accommodation abroad to start your study abroad experience you can contact Fly Homes at 1800572118.

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