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Money Earning Apps for students

Money-Earning Apps For Students: Moving to a new country brings in additional expenses. As an international student, you must have found yourself surrounded by newer expenditures and a need to earn some extra money. Well, worry not! In this fast-paced world, there’s a solution for everything.

Some apps can help you make those extra bucks. In this blog, we are going to help you find some genuine apps that allow you to earn money ethically by making use of your skills! Let’s read the blog to know more about these money-earning apps for students!

Canvera App


If you are a student with a passion for photography. In that case, exploring Canvera can be a unique platform to turn your camera skills into extra income. It’s a fantastic opportunity to combine your love for photography, which is one of the fun hobbies for students while earning some extra money by selling your pictures.

Students can also create their portfolios on this app so that their pictures can be seen by potential buyers. This could be an exciting opportunity for you to make those extra bucks. All you have to do is click some awesome pictures!

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Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie to earn money

Another great student-earning app is Survey Junkie! This brilliant app lets you earn money by answering as many surveys as possible. If you are someone who likes taking part in surveys, then this app could provide you with a great opportunity to make some extra money. All you have to do is answer survey questions on your phone while going about with your daily routine.

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Student earning app Bookscouter

Are you a bookworm with thousands of books stored on your shelf? Well, now you can make money out of this passion. Bookscouter is a wonderful app that lets you make a few extra bucks by selling books you no longer need. You can practically make money by sitting at your home. All you have to do is list down the books you want to sell, compare prices, and sell for the highest price!

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Notesgen app helps students earn money

If you think you are an excellent student at making notes, then this skill can help you earn money. Here, the Notesgen app can be of great help! It is one of the best money-earning apps for students. If you have a habit of taking notes during lectures, then you can upload your notes on those topics on this app and earn money. The payment received is based on the number of downloads your notes receive.


Fronto is another popular student-earning app. This app takes up some space on your lock screen and shows advertisements there. You will receive points in exchange for viewing the advertisements. Fronto takes very little storage space on the phone, so you can comfortably use it without worrying about storage issues. However, you must use the platform constantly for at least a year to earn a sizeable amount of money. The app is used by a lot of students and is rated one of the best student-earning apps.

FAQs on Money-Earning Apps For Students

Which app is best for earning as a student?

There are many apps available where you can earn money. Some of these apps are Canvera, Survey Junkie, Bookscouter, etc.

How can a student earn money?

Some of the ways by which a student can earn money include online tutoring, social media, online selling, blogging, etc.

How much can a student earn from online apps?

Generally, you can earn between USD 50 to USD 300 depending on the app you use.

Do online earning apps really pay money to students?

Yes, if you do research and use only those apps that are genuine, then you can earn money using these apps.

How can I earn money using the Canvera app?

To earn money on the Canvera app, you have to upload and sell pictures clicked by you.

This blog was all about the best money-earning apps for students. For booking the best accommodation abroad to start your study abroad experience you can contact Fly Homes at 1800572118.

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