Top 5 Derby Shopping Centres: Students Shouldn’t Miss

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Derby Shopping Centres

Derby Shopping Centres: Other than being rich in history and culture, Derby is also famous for its shopping centres. From amazing clothes in Derbion to designer ornaments in Meteor Centre, Derby has everything to offer to everyone.

So if you are a student Studying in Derby and want some refreshment from your monotonous academic schedule then you will love going shopping. The city of Derby has many shopping centres that are affordable for students. So why wait? Let’s go and buy some amazing clothes.

1. Kingsway Retail Park 

Kingsway Retail Park

Need essentials or update your wardrobe? Kingsway Retail Park in Derby has got your back. This Derby shopping centre is all about convenience and variety. Whether you’re searching for fashionable things or everyday necessities, Kingsway Retail Park has it all. As a student, you’ll love this shopping spot for amazing budget-friendly options. Many restaurants and bars are nearby so that you can enjoy your evening after exploring the mall.

Check Out the Restaurants and Pubs nearby

Restaurants and PubsGoogle Ratings
Boots D82 Staff Canteen4.5/5
Amazing Thai Cafe4.4/5

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2. Meteor Centre Derby 

Meteor Centre Derby

Meteor Centre Derby is a place where style meets affordability. If you are fond of designer ornaments and chic accessories, this shopping center is your stop. Here you can explore a wide range of options that will fit your unique taste and budget. This Derby shopping center has 80+ stores that contain jewellery, clothes, gadgets, and more. Restaurants like Amigo and Munion are inside the mall for an amazing treat. If you are a bookworm, you can also find many bookshops in Derby.

Check Out the Restaurants and Pubs nearby

Restaurants and PubsGoogle Ratings
Riverside Farm – Farmhouse Inns3.9/5
The White Hart4.1/5

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3. Park Farm Shopping Centre 

Park Farm Shopping Centre

Looking for a shopping experience that won’t leave your wallet crying? Park Farm Shopping Centre in Derby has you covered. This student-friendly destination offers a perfect mix of budget-friendly and stylish options. From trendy clothing to must-have accessories, Park Farm Shopping Centre creates the ideal environment for a relaxed retail therapy session. Located just a few minutes from Derby University, this Derby shopping centre is easily accessible to those reading at the university.

Check Out the Restaurants and Pubs nearby

Restaurants and PubsGoogle Ratings
Portello Lounge4.1/5
Côte West Bridgford4.4/5

4. Derbion


Derbion is one of the best places to visit in Derby whether you want trendy clothes or fashionable pieces of jewellery. This shopping heaven in Derby is like a treasure for fashion lovers. There is no better place to be a fashionable diva than Derbion. If you are reading in Derby University this is one of the easiest shopping destinations from the university. Stations and bus stops are nearby. If you ever be in Derbion don’t forget to try coffee at Grand Cafe Caruso for an amazing caffeine experience.

Check Out the Restaurants and Pubs nearby

Restaurants and PubsGoogle Ratings
Sauces Cafe4.5/5
Dong Kitchen5/5

5. Pear Tree Plaza

Pear Tree Plaza

Located at Pear Tree Road, East Derby, Pear Tree Plaza is one of the famous shopping malls in the region. It is just beside the rail station making it one of the easily accessible malls in the east. This mall is full of stores that include both budget-friendly and affordable clothes, ornaments, gadgets, and toys. You can also find cafes outside the mall for taking a bite. Book lovers can also find bookshops near this mall. 

Check Out the Restaurants and Pubs nearby

Restaurants and PubsGoogle Ratings
Sun Kitchen4.1/5
Zamia Inn3.9/5


What are famous Derby shopping centres?

The famous Derby shopping centres include Derbion, Park Farm Shopping Centre, Meteor Centre Derby, and more.

Where can I go shopping if I live in the west of Derby?

If you live in the west of Derby you can go to Kingsway Retail Park which offers a mix of convenience and variety, making it a go-to spot for students. 

What are the budget-friendly Derby shopping centres for students?

The budget-friendly Derby shopping centres for students include Meteor Centre Derby and Kingsway Retail Park.

Where can I find designer clothes in Derby if I am studying in Derby University?

You can find designer clothes in Derbion and Kingsway Retail Park in Derby near Derby University.

Are there specific dining options available within Meteor Centre Derby?

Yes, Meteor Centre Derby provides dining options within the mall, including restaurants like Amigo and Munion. Visitors can enjoy a treat or a meal after exploring the various stores.

Derby has amazing shopping centres for each and everyone so if you are thinking of going shopping in Derby just check out these above-mentioned malls for an amazing experience.

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