5 Things Not To Do in Ireland

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Things Not To Do in Ireland

 If you are planning to visit Ireland or are an international student there, you might have researched the amazing things to do there but you still might not know what not to do in Ireland. There are many things that you should refrain from doing there, as it can appear to be rude or can also turn out to be not good for you, in general. To help you get acquainted with what not to do in this country, we have covered some important information related to it in the sections below. Keep reading further to know more! 

Drive Without Proper Planning 

If you’re thinking about renting a car in Ireland, it’s important not to just go with the flow, especially if it’s your first time driving there. Ireland has narrow lanes, country tracks, and highways with tolls. It’s crucial to know the driving rules and also understand how drivers usually behave. Learning about these things reduces the chance of breaking the law, getting fined, or causing accidents with risky driving.

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Forget to Learn the Differences Between Ireland and North Ireland

Many people visiting Ireland for the first time are surprised to learn that Ireland and Northern Ireland are two separate countries on the same island. They each have their own money, flags, and governments, and even use different ways of measuring things. There are more differences, but it’s helpful to know these basics, especially if you’re planning to visit both countries.

Pack for Only One Season 

The next tip in our guide about what not to do in Ireland is about what clothes to wear. It’s a bit tricky because Ireland’s weather can change a lot in one day. It is quite possible that you experience all four seasons in a day. If you’re visiting in the summer, it’s a good idea to bring shorts, suncream, and light clothes. But don’t forget to pack layers and a light raincoat, just in case. Also, make sure to bring the right plug adapter (we use a three-pronged one), any medicine you need, and a copy of your passport.

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Opt for Gastro Pubs Over Old-School Trad Bars 

While there are some really good places to eat called gastro pubs in Ireland, many of them are similar to those you’d find anywhere else. The pubs that are really special are the old, traditional ones that have been around for a long time. For instance, there are many old pubs in Dublin like the Gravediggers, Neary’s, the Long Hall, and Kehoes that have a lot of history and culture.

Drink and Drive 

The most important thing to remember from our guide on what not to do in Ireland is about drinking and driving. It’s really important to understand that driving after drinking is a big no-no. It’s against the law, and people often ask about it because it’s a serious rule here. According to the law, the legal limit for Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) is 0.05. The police is called Gardaí, often check drivers with breathalyser tests on the roadside. 

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What is not allowed to bring in Ireland?

Things like dangerous or illegal drugs, indecent or obscene goods, and certain food items like meat, milk, fish, and products of endangered species are not allowed to be brought to Ireland.  

Are Irish people friendly?

Irish people are known for being friendly and easygoing. Small talk is a part of everyday life even among strangers. 

What are some of the things one should avoid doing in Ireland? 

Apart from the points discussed above in the blog, mentioned below are some of the things that you should avoid doing in Ireland: 
– Getting caught up with Irish slang. 
– Assuming that you’ll be able to commute everywhere by bus and train. 
– Smoking indoors or drinking in public. 
– Assuming that expensive accommodations or hotels mean quality.  

Is Ireland a good place to live?

Being popular for its warmth and natural beauty, Ireland, throughout the year, welcomes people from all walks of life to choose it as their preferred choice of living. 

Is Ireland cold or hot?

Ireland’s temperature can be defined as mild because they have warm summers and mild winters. 

We hope you liked this blog where we covered information about what not to do in Ireland. For booking the best accommodation abroad to start your study abroad experience you can contact Fly Homes at 1800572118. 

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